WS: Pizza Hut

It’s off to Pizza Hut again as I was craving again for their P99 Super-Panalo value meal of spaghetti carbonara and caesar salad with Pepsi (no choice as they don’t have Coca-cola)! This time around their caesar salad doesn’t seem fresh and the  dressing is sour. Hubby tried their roasted chicken with spaghetti and he ordered their iced tea decorated with lemon. Their roasted chicken was delicious and juicy. He said it is “sarap to the bones” (sarap means delicious) oopppps that line is from Max’s Fried Chicken not Pizza Hut’s hehehe!

Nice thing with Pizza Hut is that they serve garlic bread while you are waiting for you order. This garlic bread is like the sliced edges of their pizza. I hope though it’s not recycled leftovers from customers who don’t eat them! 🙂

Pizza Hut’s Roasted Chicken with Spaghetti

Kangaroo Coffee Company

Kangaroo Coffee Company had its soft opening in Davao City, Philippines last April 17, 2008. They had an exclusive soft opening last April 14. It will have its official opening on May 10, 2008. So the food trippers can’t wait that long and we headed there tonight. It is located at Tionko Avenue corner V. Mapa Street, Davao City (near Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas and it is just in front of Sunburst Fried Chicken).

Kangaroo Coffee Company - Davao City

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New Coffee Shop: Kangaroo Coffee Company

Kangaroo Coffee Company, a new coffee shop in Davao City, Philippines. We found this new coffee shop here in Davao City as we were going home last night and we passed by then we had to ask the taxi driver to bring us back to its location in Tionko Avenue corner V. Mapa Street here in Davao City as we instantly decided to check out this place. It is just in front of Sunburst Chicken. When we got there we saw the sign that they have a soft opening and we saw that most people inside must have been there through invitation. We somehow shied away and thinking also that it was already kind of late at night then and maybe we can just come back next time when we got more time. So hubby just took photos of the place from outside and here they are.

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