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Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2019 in Seda Abreeza and “Say Eat With Love”

Seddy dresses up for the occasion

Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2019 in Seda Abreeza Hotel in Davao City and “Say Eat With Love”!

Enjoy a 5-course wine-pairing dinner with your special someone this Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2019.

Rustic-inspired accents await diners this Valentines Day in Seda Abreeza

It includes a signature dish, a pasta trolley and a dessert spread and a rustic-themed Valentine night awaits diners at Misto in Seda Abreeza.  Plus it should ideally be perfectly matched with a romantic stay in Seda Abreeza’s hotel.

“Say Eat With Love” this Valentine’s Day in Seda Abreeza 

This Valentine season, while the romantic part of it all depends on how you and your partner carry on in this special date, while Executive Sous Chef Giovanna “Bang” Sibala and her culinary team aims to cater more guests as it offers a 5-course wine dinner and a buffet spread on February 14, which your urban hotel Seda Abreeza Davao has dubbed as “Say Eat With Love.”

GM Ken Kapulong as he introduces the Valentine offers to Davao media

GM Ken Kapulong as he introduces the Valentine offers to Davao media.

The 5-course wine dinner will be served in Seda Abreeza’s T’nalak function room at the mezzanine floor, adorned with a rustic-inspired setup and made sweeter with live music.

Asst. F&B Manager Jules Melencion presents the 5-course wine pairing menu

Asst. F&B Manager Jules Melencion presents the 5-course wine pairing menu during the media launch.

Strawberry Bellini, Misto's Valentine Drink

Misto’s Valentine’s featured drink – Strawberry Bellini

Dinner features their signature Angus Roast Beef, a pasta trolley, and a dessert buffet along with the plated dishes.

Misto's Signature Dish - Roasted Angus Beef

Seda Chef De Partie Chris Mercaral prepares one of the courses in a pasta trolley (2)

Dessert Buffet Samplers for Seda Abreeza's Valentine Offers

Cold appetizer will be Smoked Salmon, Cucumber, Greens, Lemon Honey Dressing for a healthy start, followed by a Parmesan Tomato Basil Soup, Mozzarella, Chili, Flatbread Sticks, and Pan-seared Tiger Prawns, Potatoes, Greens, Mushroom, Spring Pea Truffle Sauce for main course.

The carvery and dessert stations will be a spread of delight with treats as Lamington Cake Bars, Vanilla Buttercream, Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Cake, Heart Croquembouche, Caramel, Kitkat Fudge Cake.

The Peanut Butter chocolate mousse cake is a personal fave!

Kitkat Fudge Cake

While friends delighted themselves with this Kitkat Fudge Cake

Parmesan Tomato Basil Soup, Mozzarella, Chili, Flatbread Sticks

I particularly enjoyed the hearty serving of Parmesan Tomato Basil Soup.

While the tiger prawns I tasted were cooked well for my taste.

Pan-seared Tiger Prawns, Potatoes, Greens, Mushroom, Spring Pea Truffle Sauce

The 5-course dinner on Valentine’s Day is available at Php 2,480 nett per person, with prior reservations required.

They will also have a dinner buffet at Misto which will offer the Angus Roast Beef and desserts, with other dishes as Garlic Butter Mushroom Pork, Cheese, Bacon, and Chicken Rolls, Fish Piccata, and Seafood Saffron Cream Sauce, Linguine.

The dinner buffet is at Php 1780 nett per person for adults and Php880 nett for kids, with venue in Misto.

For your Valentine’s stay at Seda Abreeza hotel, the Valentine room packages are also offered from February 10-17, 2019 starting at Php 5800 nett, with pralines and a bottle of wine for those who will book. For February 14, a special room and dinner package is available at Php 9800 nett – this includes: overnight accommodation in a Deluxe Room; buffet breakfast for 2 persons; Valentine Dinner for 2 adults; and pralines and a bottle of wine for the guests.

For inquiries and reservations, please call: (082) 322 8888 (local 8444) or book through e-mail at

Photos courtesy of Seda Abreeza

Baon Serye: Food for School Snacks Made with Ligo Sardines

On busy days during this 2018 holiday season, I am making this baon serye on food for school snacks made with Ligo Sardines that are easy and quick to prepare.

My boys and I are already on our last week of school and we are on our exam week this week for the second grading with a miracle of having an early school vacation this year for us ahead of most schools in the city.

Before getting swept away once again with the busy holiday craze, which actually started in November, I am sharing quick and easy Ligo  sardines-infused recipes that are perfect for school or even served at home for kids and kids at heart!

Baon Serye: Food for School Snacks Made with Ligo Sardines

Sardines with Mayo Sandwich

1 can of 155 grams Ligo Sardines in tomato sauce (green)
1 pack 80 ml of real mayonnaise
Quick Snack whole wheat sliced bread

Baon Serye: Food for School Snacks Made with Ligo Sardines

How to make it is quick and easy:

Simply place and empty the mayonnaise into a small bowl. Open the Ligo Sardines which is already in an easy-to-open can. It is very nice  since it saves you time and effort of opening the can. Then put the sardines into the bowl.

Baon Serye: Food for School Snacks Made with Ligo Sardines

I opted not to put the tomato sauce. You can pour the whole content of the tomato sauce if you like.  Mash and mix the sardines with the mayonnaise just using a fork until all ingredients are mixed well.

Baon Serye: Food for School Snacks Made with Ligo Sardines

Then spread the sardines-mayo mix into the two slices of bread. Put them together.  Slice the sandwich diagonally.

Baon Serye: Food for School Snacks Made with Ligo Sardines

Wrap in a napkin or place in sandwich ziplock plastic. But if you are against using single use plastic, you can put it in a re-usable snack or sandwich container.

I recently bought the gourmet wheat bread from the Royal Breadhaus bakeshop in the city. They sell it for four big slices in a pack for about P28.00 in their stall in Abreeza Ayala Mall. I can make two sandwiches which can be good for two days for baon or snacks for my little guy at school for recess in the morning. A pair of bread slices can be sliced in half. So he has an option to finish both during morning recess or leave one for their afternoon recess. But I guess since he really liked this one I made, it will only last until morning recess! Hahaha!

I got our fave mayonnaise or if you know how to make your own, do so as you wish. You can also use other spreads or add other ingredients if you like. The more creative you are as long as your child likes what you put in it, that’s good already!

Ligo Sardines Omelette Sandwich

1 can of 155 grams Ligo Sardines in tomato sauce chili added (red)
2 medium eggs
Salt and pepper (optional)
Slices of bread

How to make this sandwich:

Pour the sardines into the cooking pan. We used non stick pan. After a few minutes, add the beaten 2 medium eggs. Cook until the egg is done depending on your child’s preference because some kids don’t like eggs that are not well done or not cooked well.

Place the omelette in a plate and let it cool for awhile. Then place enough amount on two slices of bread.

Cut diagonally or not if you like eating it whole.  Wrap in a napkin or place in sandwich ziplock plastic. But if you are against using single use plastic, you can put it in a re-usable snack or sandwich container.

You can opt to use the non chili sardines variety. My son likes spicy sardines already so that’s why that is the variety we used for the omelette.

My little guy loved the sardines mayo sandwich so much. He finished almost all of what I prepared in no time. He even asked for more. He kept asking his dad if he wants more which actually meant he himself wanted to eat his dad’s share when we first tried preparing this at home recently. He even started singing Tom’s Odong na Lami song once again as he saw us using Ligo Sardines to make these baon dishes.

If you have recipes for baon snacks that you like to share using Ligo Sardines, do let me know! I would love to hear your recipes!

Mommy Gaya Restaurant by Eden’s at LaVerna Hills Subdivision


Mommy Gaya Restaurant by Eden’s is a nice and cozy new restaurant located at San Francisco Street in LaVerna Hills Subdivision, Buhangin, Davao City.


This new resto which opened last September 12, 2018 is a great choice for those living in and around Buhangin area in the city. Perfect for family gatherings and special occasions. It is a perfect choice if you don’t want to go far, avoid traffic or don’t want to go to the malls or downtown area just to dine out with family or friends.


It is nice to find a cozy and beautiful place to dine with the family in this part of the city. I wish we have a place like this in our neighborhood too.



Last September 22, I visited the newly opened resto for the first time.  I was the first one to arrive at Eden’s by Mommy Gaya for an early lunch. I met Maam Joy or Maam Ligaya Roque who’s family owns Eden’s Lechon which has branches in Victoria Plaza Mall, Gaisano Mall and Robinson’s Supermarket in Abreeza Ayala Mall.


Eden’s Lechon which started in late 2000 is now called 4R’s Lechon ATBP as of 2016. Eden is Maam Joy’s sister Eden Guira, a known meat broker in Bankerohan Public Market and supplier of meat in supermarkets in Davao. They have another sister, Charito Bersabal.


Maam Joy was very accommodating and friendly. I enjoyed listening to her story of how she came about with the recipe of their popular puto bumbong that I loved to order in their stall in Robinson’s Abreeza.

While listening to her, I was also enjoying finishing this healthy bowl of quinoa with slices of fresh banana and mango. This is very filling for breakfast when you happen to be at Mommy Gaya’s.


Now going back to their puto bumbong… it is available all year round here in Davao and not just during Christmas season as you might expect it to be. Yes we get to enjoy Eden’s puto bumbong anytime of the year when the craving for it strikes.

At Mommy Gaya, they have their new version of serving the puto bumbong. It is being served along with slices of ripe mango and delicious macapuno.


Maam Joy said that this is best eaten as soon as it is served and that you should have each all three for each bite to enjoy the flavors combined in your mouth.  Well, take note of that when you order this. Just take one quick snap for Instagram and enjoy the puto bumbong immediately.

She also shared and showed to us an old video clip of her guesting at Luwag ni Ian with no less than the talented host Ian Ray Garcia. They were cooking puto taktak in this video, one of their popular kakanin product.

Here below was a quick photo snap of Maam Joy before we went on to enjoy lunch at Mommy Gaya’s as she was telling us to enjoy the food while it is still warm.



They serve not only plain rice at Mommy Gaya’s. They have pastil rice for only P25. Or have it served with fried egg all for P40.


Yes you can say, rice pa lang ulam na! Honestly, I can just have this for lunch. It is delicious and very filling already. Not to mention I finished the bowl of quinoa earlier.

Kare-kare is a specialty in Mommy Gaya’s. I like their kare-kare especially the sauce. They  serve it with bagoong, separately.


They also have this hearty serving of chop suey for those who love veggie dishes.  It can be good for 3-4 persons.  An order costs only P110.00.

Many of their customers who live in the neighborhood would drop by to order this dish for take out. My elder sister would love to order this dish if ever she will get to bring us here for our family gatherings. She loves chop suey and other veggie dishes.

The pancit is a fave Filipino dish for most families during gatherings for special occasions. This reminds me well of a fave pancit we used to order during Sunday family gatherings in our parents’ house.


My mom will love their sweet and sour fish. This is what she usually requests and orders when we have family gatherings on Sunday.


For chicken lovers, they have a few dishes to choose from including this delicious Chicken Inasal.



They also have pork sisig.


Indulge in tempura perhaps…


And of course, my fave dish during that lunch is Mommy Gaya’s really flavorful laing! One of the best laing in the city for me.


They served this very refreshing drink of fresh lemon, pineapple and cucumber. IMG_20180922_113627

I wish all restos who serve powdered drinks will serve this kind of real fresh fruit juices instead.

For dessert, they also serve cakes such as this red velvet cake and chocolate moist cake.


You can enjoy these with tea or coffee. They serve cafe amerciano, cafe latte, cafe mocha and cappuccino.


They also sell bread from their bakery just outside the resto.

So if you are looking for a new resto in Davao City to dine with the whole family especially when you have family gatherings or for special occasions, please do visit Mommy Gaya Restaurant by Eden’s at Block 10 Lot 17 Phase 3 San Francisco Street, Laverna Hills Subdivision, Buhangin, Davao City. It is near the St. Francis of Assisi Parish.

They are open from 8:00AM to 8:00PM.

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