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Unlimited Samgyupsal as Gangnam in Davao Cafe & Restaurant Opens in Pryce Road

Gangnam in Davao Cafe & Restaurant finally opens its grill restaurant with a soft opening last March 22, 2019 and a grand opening last March 30! It is located along Pryce Road in Pryce Business Park at the back of Landco Building in J.P. Laurel Avenue, Davao City. It’s near Green Banana Hotel and Pryce Tower. We have waited for more than a year for its opening since we used to frequently visit their streetfood section upfront last year.

Gangnam in Davao Pryce Road Bajada unli samgyupsal Korean BBQ IMG_20190427_192829

Gangnam offers UNLIMITED SAMGYUPSAL for PhP388 per person. Or P488 per person if you avail of the unlimited Angus beef.

Lunch buffet from 11:00AM to 3:00PM
Dinner buffet from 5:00PM to 11:00PM

Samgyupsal or also spelled as Samgyeopsal is grilled thinly sliced pork belly known as Korean BBQ. Their pork belly is not marinated. They also have chicken fillet which has been marinated that they also serve as part of the unlimited Korean BBQ that you can grill all you want. Also, by just adding PhP100 and you can enjoy unlimited Angus beef for grilling too. When we dined there, they gave our kid 50% discount.


Gangnam in Davao unlimited Korean BBQ or samgyupsal pork, beef chicken IMG_20190502_172031

I like pork but for the two times we dined at the buffet, I personally enjoyed the grilled chicken. Only their chicken is marinated, not the pork and beef.

Here’s their buffet rates per person and menu inclusions for their unlimited grill for Korean BBQ:

Gangnam in Davao unlimited Korean BBQ or samgyupsal menu with pork, beef chicken Pryce Road Bajada IMG_20190502_171825

They have built-in Korean grills in each table inside their buffet resto.


There is a hanging smoke exhaust tube that you can easily pull down towards the smoking grill to suck in or vacuum the smoke up into the tube. You can push the tube upwards to get it out of the way as it hangs from the resto ceiling. It is movable and flexible. Hence for those prone to asthma, there is less smoke in the air inside the resto.

Check out the video below as Chef Edwin shows us how to grill using their new table-top smokeless Korean grill.


They also have a few joined tables near the counter at the front door entrance where they use table top smokeless grills imported from Korea as shown in the photo above. Those table top grills arrived the day before we came to visit their newly opened grill resto last April 27.



Enjoy the unlimited Korean BBQ or Samgyupsal at Gangnam.


It’s grill all you can eat Korean BBQ of pork and chicken.

They do have a buffet spread of appetizers. They usually have  6 to 8 kinds and we were told part of the menu changes each day to give a variety for their dining customers who may frequent their resto.


For this visit, they served the appetizers on the table for us.


They also have other dishes you may order ala carte.


They sometimes have tempura or fried eggplant with batter.




There is also unlimited rice and lettuce. Plus they also put out to be included in the buffet a few of their popular Korean street foods.

They serve Gyeran-jjim or steamed eggs (below) on the table as part of the meal.


This is my fave sauce.


I used to crave for their spicy Tteokbokki or what they call Korean rice cake.  It’s like a roll of round shaped rice pasta that is chewy and has a spicy red sauce. This is their resto serving on our table.


When we went back to dine in with my boys this time, they served us a plate of this sliced fresh fruits. Yummy and a healthy end to a filling dinner. This made me smile with happiness as we ended our dinner!


Plus we were given Cornetto ice cream each as we were about to end our meal. IMG_20190502_184013

Don’t worry about bringing kids while dining in and you cannot fully enjoy the dining experience sometimes.


You can let the kids play at the Kidz Play Zone next to the function room.

Gangnam Pryce is also a kid-friendly resto as they have this nice beautiful newly built equipped and airconditioned play room for your kids beside the function room. It is free to use. Best to have your own yaya or guardian for your kids to watch them as they play.


So if you are craving for Korean food and craving for unlimited Korean BBQ, do visit Gangnam Pryce branch along Pryce Road in Pryce Business Park in Bajada. It is near Pryce Tower, Green Banana Hotel and 7-11 at the back of Landco Building. Also just walking distance from Davao Wisdom Academy.

Contact numbers:
Gangnam in Davao Pryce:  (082) 233 – 2115
Gangnam in Davao Abreeza:  (082) 233 – 2096

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New Max’s Rice Bowls Your Real Food For Every Mood


Just like how your choice of music can set your day on the right track. Max’s Restaurant also lots you groove to the tune of your appetite with its wide selection of Rice Bowls are sure to satisfy your cravings for delicious and filling Filipino food starting at P149.


To put you in a good mood, try Max’s newest offerings, the Seafood Kare-Kare Rice Bowl made with a combination of shrimp, squid, and fish slow cooked in creamy peanut sauce; the Max’s Spicy Tofu headlined by deep fried tofu cubes tossed in a special spicy mayo base and served with a side of fried egg; the Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet Rice Bowl made with breaded cream dory doused in a combination of sweet and tangy sauce; and the Chopsuey Rice Bowl which features a symphony of sautéed fresh vegetables, pork, shrimp, and chicken liver and gizzard.


The Spicy Tofu with special spicy mayo sauce has become our fave.

Those looking to reward themselves can order a Rice Bowl that will make them feel like a winner in every bite like the Sizzling Chicken made with coarsely chopped fried chicken and chicken liver, spiced up with white onion, celery, and chili; the Beef Caldereta with fork-tender beef chunks in thick sauce topped with fried potatoes and carrots; and the Adobo Ribs which offers a unique twist on the classic taste of the well-loved adobo.

Speaking of classic, in the mood for one? Max’s Restaurant also pays tribute to Pinoy food loved by many for generations with the Crispy Pata, deep fried pig knuckles sewed with banana slices and atchara. and the Kare-Kare Rice Bowl made the traditional way by .slow braising ox tripe and beef shanks in thick peanut sauce and vegetables There is also the Bangus Belly Paksiw Rice Bowl cooked using premium milkfIsh belly fillet and the Fish Fillet In Black Bean Sauce with lightly breaded cream dory fillet slathered with red bell pepper strips, spring onions, ginger strips, and black bean sauce.

“We understand our customers when they say that their mood affects the food they want to eat,” said Max’s Restaurant Chief Operating Officer, Paolo Serrano. ‘That’s why we want to make sure that whatever mood they are in, they can always come to Max’s Restaurant and enjoy a bowl of rice topped with their all-time Pinoy favorites.”

With Max’s Rice Bowls, customers can now enjoy real food fit for their every mood. And with over ten flavors to choose from, Max’s has once again given its diners a reason to celebrate Every Day to the Max!

For more information, visit

Davao Food Crawl at Cuencos Rice and Noodle Bar


My last stop with the Davao Food Crawl was at Cuencos Rice and Noodle Bar located at Tulip Drive in Matina, Davao City. It is in the building right across the entrance gate of Fuente de Villa-Abrille Subdivision.IMG_20190317_180146

It is a clean and cozy homegrown resto which for me is one ideal option good for Sunday dinner with your family. It’s your go to restaurant in the neighborhood when you crave for Asian rice and noodle dishes served in a bowl.

The word CUENCOS is Spanish for earthenware bowls. The idea behind Cuencos is to bring a certain comfort in serving familiar and flavorful food in bowls. Perhaps this has to do with how we learned to eat in a bowl or when we sip warm soup to make us feel better that serving food in “cuencos” just brings it right at home.


I spotted a family of three who dined in when we were there. A nice place to spend dinner and quiet time as we are about to end the weekend.


We had the whole resto to ourselves for awhile when I took this photo shortly before dinner time that Sunday.


Spotted a foodpanda rider or delivery guy. Actually spotted three different riders who picked up food orders when we were there.

I actually like sometimes dining in a resto where there are no other customers. Just me and my boys enjoying our food without any noise from other diners. Especially on a Sunday night when you just wanna relax for the last few hours of the weekend before another week of hustle and bustle especially during school weekdays.


The vibe perhaps may be a little different during weekdays especially going to the weekend when there are more people dining in.

We were able to rest while waiting as they cooked the dishes they served us.

For their Noodle Bowls, this bowl of Pad Thai (P170) was the first dish they served. It partly satisfied my craving for one which I have in mind for quite sometime now.


It can good for one if you are really craving for one or good for sharing with a friend who wants a taste of Thailand as a friend would joke me with. *wink* Pad Thai is a stir-fried noodle dish and a known street food or resto food in Thailand.

For their Rice Bowls, they served us this bowl of Nasi Lemak (P185), a Malaysian inspired rice dish cooked in coconut milk


Bistek Tagalog (P195) served with rice and egg topped with chopped spring onion leaves and a few onion rings.


We wish to try to visit them again with my boys and try their other rice and noodle bowl dishes. Also wanna try their specials the mee goreng of fried egg noodles with sambal. Plus the desserts – leche flan with sago, and that fried suman with mango slices and latik that I saw on Instagram way before. Till our next visit.

They are with foodpanda, by the way, if ever you prefer to dine at the comfort of your home or when in your office.


Hoping though that they become included in our list of restos in the foodpanda app. I actually sent an email to the foodpanda support but got no reply yet until now for a request to have them stretch out the list to those as far as Cuencos since I have one resto listed in MTS The Good Food Co which is actually beyond the standard distance range under the app.

Cuencos is open from 11AM – 2PM and 5PM – 10PM DAILY.

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