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FoodPanda Online Food Delivery Service Is Coming Soon to Davao

FoodPanda, the on demand online food delivery service has landed in Mindanao! It is coming first to Davao City soon painting the city in pink with their delivery riders wearing pink uniforms and carrying cute food delivery boxes around town!

This news excites anyone in the city who loves to eat but would opt not to go out from the comfort of their place – home, condo, office or wherever and have their fave resto food or meal they love delivered to them right at their doorstep. The convenience of enjoying the resto food you love without the hassle of dining out or enduring traffic just to go to your fave resto.

There are said to be around forty (40) restaurants including hopefully our fave local Davao restos to choose from using the foodpanda app.

“We are very excited to add Davao to the list of cities that we provide our delivery service to. Davao is a city with great potential for food delivery, especially with its very colorful and tasty food culture. As always, we intend to bring out the best experience in food delivery to our customers – we look forward to see eager and encouraging feedback from current and potential partner restaurants and customers,” said FoodPanda CEO Lacopo Rovere.

Ordering is easy using foodpanda. Go to or download the app using AppStore or Google Play.

foodpanda in Davao City

1. Log in to your Facebook account or create an account with your email address.
2. Input your current location.
foodpanda in Davao City
Choose your restaurant from a number of restaurants available for delivery in your area.

foodpanda in Davao City

3. Choose the food you love and put them in your basket.
4. Review your order in the basket, and once you are done, you may click on “Proceed to Checkout”.
5. On the checkout page, enter your discount voucher code, if you do have one. Payment options include: Cash On Delivery (COD), online payment using credit card or Paypal.
6. After placing your order, you can live track your order from confirmation until the time it will arrive at your doorstep or wherever you will have the food delivered to.

I am now more excited! As I am writing this post, I wished the app was up and running already here in Davao City as I wanted to have my fave comfort food craving from a resto delivered for our late lunch right at home. It’s too hot to go out now in the middle of this late April summer day.  There can be many other excuses or reasons to have good food we love delivered right in the comfort of our place.

FoodPanda gives you another option for food delivery in Davao. While there is a current popular delivery service with base office just nearby, however the delivery fee is a bit higher and depending on the time you order or avail of the delivery service. I tried that other current delivery service once before for the first time, but then they were too busy as all their delivery guys were all out that time. So hopefully with foodpanda we have another good option and I would have another choice plus their delivery fee is cheaper at P59.00 only. Though the range of distance as I was informed by Sir Rey Rubio is now within 3 kilometers only instead of the initial 7 kilometers range.  For us, we are in a place accessible to three nearby malls plus other Davao local restos around our area so we have good enough choices. I hope they can still widen the distance to more than 3kms at the same delivery fee since there are other restos we would love to order food from conveniently that are beyond the 3km range.  At least we don’t have to go out anymore if we don’t want to.  Yes we do get lazy to go out and buy or cook at home sometimes. But we don’t ever get lazy when it comes to eating or having a food trip at home, would you guys agree? *wink*

Yes I guess with traffic building and growing more everyday in our city, we will be willing to pay for the convenience they offer when it comes to delivery.

Looking forward to actually trying the foodpanda food delivery service soon this May 2018!

By the way, everyone can have a FREE DELIVERY on their first order when the app goes live in Davao soon. Use the code: PANDAVAO . Share this news to your food trip buddies and food lover friends.

foodpanda in Davao City delivery guy in pink FoodPanda delivery guy during the launch last April 19, 2018 in Davao City at Mesa Moderne Filipino Cuisine resto in SM Lanang Premier.

About foodpanda:

foodpanda is dedicated to bringing food lovers around the world their favorite meals from curated local restaurants. Since its creation, the on-demand food delivery service has grown to more than 27,000 partner restaurants in more than 190 cities across 12 Asian and Central Europe countries globally. foodpanda is active in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Brunei, India, Romania and Bulgaria. It belongs to Delivery Hero, worldwide leader of the food delivery industry. For more information visit


Balay Verde’s Farm to Table Day : A Visit to Huni Farm in Wangan, Calinan in Davao City

Balay Verde’s Farm to Table Day :
A Visit to Huni Farm in Wangan, Calinan in Davao City

One of the two farms we visited last September 09, 2017 was the Huni Farm or formerly known as the Balik Bukid sa Wangan.

It is owned by Mrs. Louella Garcia and located in Wangan (hence the former name) in Calinan, Davao City.


We enjoyed a really refreshing passion fruit juice for a welcome drink upon our arrival that was made fresh waiting for us for breakfast after quite a long trip from downtown Davao in Abreeza Mall.  As I looked around while drinking this fresh juice, it made me think life in the farm on weekends is one that I can enjoy.

Maam Louella toured us around the farm after the filling and delicious breakfast they prepared for us at the farm house.
*Watch the video at the end of this blog.*

The chickens in their farm are allowed to grow as natural as possible without using antibiotics and without boosting their growth time unlike the commercial chickens that most are served in fastfoods and restos, sold in the public markets and supermarkets.

The thought and reason of how I have tried to stop and avoid eating chicken as much as possible for more than a year already since someone I know got a little scare and personal wake up call on health and was asked if they eat chicken and the relation to what they found out.

The owner of Huni Farm reminded us all over  of that thought as she talked about antibiotics on the livestock that we eventually get to be served when we dine in most restos and fastfood chains. Even with the ones perhaps we cook at home and serve to our loved ones unless we know well the source, what they were fed and how they were grown. Take time to ponder on what kind of food you eat before all is too late.

I have included my dear little guy and hubby from that abstaining from chicken as much as we can.  Since we were young, and even our young today, we may have all been eating chicken bred from the antibiotic revolution.  Eating pork meat is a another story and is a continuing struggle on our part, to be honest. The temptations around us with a lechon haus just a few meters away from our place and cravings yet to be tamed down for real.


Organically grown broccoli and it is my first time experience to see the plant (I’ve seen broccoli so many times in the market, supermarket and on the table as food of course) and eat it right then and there.

Some side bits here: Broccoli is from the cruciferous family of vegetables. It belongs to the cabbage family with its large flowering head eaten as a vegetable.  It is being called by some as a miracle food basically for it has many health benefits.

I have seen it being made into broccoli rice as a healthy alternative to the usual white rice that almost all of us Filipinos are used to. That’s one way to incorporate it into your daily healthy diet if you are game enough to try it. Healthy living and eating can take some effort. If we want that, we shouldn’t be making excuses.



They let us harvest our own choice of organic veggies to bring home with us!


Enjoyed these organic cucumbers! I sliced some and placed it in my water to keep our body hydrated; helps our body detox and flush out toxins; and maintain a healthy complexion. 

We also got to the part of the farm too where they make their own fertilizers as well as some of the feeds they give to the livestock they grow in the farm.

The left over food from the resto (while some of which they give out of generosity to the people working in the mall), the extra veggies, and even the waste of their own farm animals are used to make their own fertilizers or feeds. Feeds and fertilizers were developed from the farm using surplus vegetables, animal wastes and left-over food from the restaurant.

Maam Louella also mentioned that they intentionally do not clean up some parts of the farm where there are plants as it serves a good purpose of plants decomposition that eventually returns nutrients to the soil naturally.

All that we’ve seen and heard during this tour should be a wake up call and more importantly a serious reminder in reality to choose what we eat wisely. Grow your own veggies and choose to eat healthy for a longer and healthier life ahead!

Visit Balay Verde in Abreeza Corporate Center or what they refer to as the mall’s Expansion Wing on the second floor. It is right in front of Anytime Fitness. Satisfy your daily cravings of healthy and organic food in this quiet part of the Abreeza Mall.

They have their merienda buffet at P199. Their lunch and dinner buffet is for P299 per person. If you get lucky, they would be serving their roasted pig which is organic farm bred.

Don’t miss their healthy and delicious salad bowls! Must try indeed!


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