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RBG Xplode: An Explosion of Flavors at RBG Bar & Grill

RBG Xplode Park inn by Radisson Davao

An Explosion of Flavors at RBG Bar & Grill

RBG Bar & Grill’s new offering will challenge your taste buds when it comes to how much spicy flavor you can take in. If you love spicy food, then RBG Xplode is perfect for your taste and might not be much of a challenge, instead it will be a fun set meal to share with your friends, family and food trip squad!

We came up with this innovative food promotion to give our diners an exciting meal. RBG Xplode is not just about being spicy but it is more of giving spice a unique taste” says Emelyn Rosales, General Manager.

Savor the 3 Chili Pizza, Burger Bar with 3 Spicy Sauces and Garlic Fries on the side plus a set of Strawberry Wasabi, Chocolate Labuyo and Cinnamon Donuts.

RBG Xplode Park inn by Radisson Davao

Just our secret… the pizza gives the most surprise when it comes to spice. Ms. Izza told me you may request for the spicy flavor to be lessened just in case not everyone is up to the spiciness of this meal.

RBG Xplode Burger Bar with 3 Spicy Sauces

The fries is garlic flavor and almost no hint of spiciness in it unlike the pizza.

Spicy Donuts ( Strawberry Wasabi , Chocolate Labuyo and Chili Cinnamon Donuts )

I like the cute look of the strawberry and other mini donuts! But be ready to take in the spice on top of these cuties! The cinnamon donut is a savior in case you can’t take the spice that much. Or for me, I had to go to the bar and ask for milk with lots of ice which the bartender kindly gave me.

The meal is served with a round of lychee iced tea for a price of Php 1,499.00 net per set. Enjoy the experience of the spicy flavors with a twist starting July 14 to 31, 2018.

Take the spicy challenge and join their contest. You can enjoy the RBG Xplode meal for FREE if your team of 4 people can finish the whole set meal within the 3 minutes given time. Yes you read that right!

Park Inn by Radisson Davao RBG Xplode 3 minute challenge | PR image

Your group consist of 4 persons can join RBG’s “Eating Contest”. You will be entitled to a 10% discount coupon on your next a la carte order if your team wins or even if you lose the challenge!

Dine at RBG Bar & Grill with your family and food trip friends! Let us know how you did if you took the 3 minute challenge!

Katsudayo, A Korean & Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Obrero

Katsudayo is a Korean & Japanese cuisine restaurant located along Inigo Street in Barrio Obrero, Davao City. It is right in front of USEP or the University of South Eastern Philippines.

Katsudayo, A Korean & Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Obrero IMG_20180424_181349

My boys and I have spotted this resto when they had just opened then and that was for quite sometime now. We haven’t tried dining there until recently when Jake invited bloggers and vloggers to have dinner there.

It was a fun night to be with the younger members of the group. While we were sharing and tasting the different Korean and Japanese dishes of Katsudayo on the table, Khyrby was entertaining us with in her funny Korean mode while vlogging 101 using Tammy’s nice camera.

Anyway, here are the food in their menu that our group shared with…

Katsudayo, A Korean & Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Obrero IMG_20180424_190035

Katsudayo, A Korean & Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Obrero IMG_20180424_190017 Kimchi

Katsudayo, A Korean & Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Obrero IMG_20180424_185521


Katsudayo, A Korean & Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Obrero IMG_20180424_185316Omelette

Katsudayo, A Korean & Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Obrero IMG_20180424_185554

Katsudayo, A Korean & Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Obrero IMG_20180424_185354


Katsudayo, A Korean & Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Obrero IMG_20180424_184927

Katsudayo, A Korean & Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Obrero IMG_20180424_185423Popcorn Chicken

Katsudayo, A Korean & Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Obrero IMG_20180424_185637

Katsudayo, A Korean & Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Obrero IMG_20180424_185502

Katsudayo, A Korean & Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Obrero IMG_20180424_185253

Katsudayo, A Korean & Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Obrero IMG_20180424_185218

They have spicy and non-spicy choices for the ramen noodles. They also have the cheese ramen noodles.

Katsudayo, A Korean & Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Obrero IMG_20180424_190116

I liked the cheese ramen. It was my first time to taste ramen that has a hint of cheesy taste in the broth or in the ramen soup.

By the way, they do have a lunch promo which you can avail of from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM for P55 only. Perfect for students’ lunch meal and those looking for budget meals within the area.

Katsudayo, A Korean & Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Obrero IMG_20180424_193128

Hope to be back here sometime with my boys for a foodtrip.

Thank you, Katsudayo!

Arigato Gozaimasu!

Xie Xie!

FoodPanda Online Food Delivery Service Is Coming Soon to Davao

FoodPanda, the on demand online food delivery service has landed in Mindanao! It is coming first to Davao City soon painting the city in pink with their delivery riders wearing pink uniforms and carrying cute food delivery boxes around town!

This news excites anyone in the city who loves to eat but would opt not to go out from the comfort of their place – home, condo, office or wherever and have their fave resto food or meal they love delivered to them right at their doorstep. The convenience of enjoying the resto food you love without the hassle of dining out or enduring traffic just to go to your fave resto.

There are said to be around forty (40) restaurants including hopefully our fave local Davao restos to choose from using the foodpanda app.

“We are very excited to add Davao to the list of cities that we provide our delivery service to. Davao is a city with great potential for food delivery, especially with its very colorful and tasty food culture. As always, we intend to bring out the best experience in food delivery to our customers – we look forward to see eager and encouraging feedback from current and potential partner restaurants and customers,” said FoodPanda CEO Lacopo Rovere.

Ordering is easy using foodpanda. Go to or download the app using AppStore or Google Play.

foodpanda in Davao City

1. Log in to your Facebook account or create an account with your email address.
2. Input your current location.
foodpanda in Davao City
Choose your restaurant from a number of restaurants available for delivery in your area.

foodpanda in Davao City

3. Choose the food you love and put them in your basket.
4. Review your order in the basket, and once you are done, you may click on “Proceed to Checkout”.
5. On the checkout page, enter your discount voucher code, if you do have one. Payment options include: Cash On Delivery (COD), online payment using credit card or Paypal.
6. After placing your order, you can live track your order from confirmation until the time it will arrive at your doorstep or wherever you will have the food delivered to.

I am now more excited! As I am writing this post, I wished the app was up and running already here in Davao City as I wanted to have my fave comfort food craving from a resto delivered for our late lunch right at home. It’s too hot to go out now in the middle of this late April summer day.  There can be many other excuses or reasons to have good food we love delivered right in the comfort of our place.

FoodPanda gives you another option for food delivery in Davao. While there is a current popular delivery service with base office just nearby, however the delivery fee is a bit higher and depending on the time you order or avail of the delivery service. I tried that other current delivery service once before for the first time, but then they were too busy as all their delivery guys were all out that time. So hopefully with foodpanda we have another good option and I would have another choice plus their delivery fee is cheaper at P59.00 only. Though the range of distance as I was informed by Sir Rey Rubio is now within 3 kilometers only instead of the initial 7 kilometers range.  For us, we are in a place accessible to three nearby malls plus other Davao local restos around our area so we have good enough choices. I hope they can still widen the distance to more than 3kms at the same delivery fee since there are other restos we would love to order food from conveniently that are beyond the 3km range.  At least we don’t have to go out anymore if we don’t want to.  Yes we do get lazy to go out and buy or cook at home sometimes. But we don’t ever get lazy when it comes to eating or having a food trip at home, would you guys agree? *wink*

Yes I guess with traffic building and growing more everyday in our city, we will be willing to pay for the convenience they offer when it comes to delivery.

Looking forward to actually trying the foodpanda food delivery service soon this May 2018!

By the way, everyone can have a FREE DELIVERY on their first order when the app goes live in Davao soon. Use the code: PANDAVAO . Share this news to your food trip buddies and food lover friends.

foodpanda in Davao City delivery guy in pink FoodPanda delivery guy during the launch last April 19, 2018 in Davao City at Mesa Moderne Filipino Cuisine resto in SM Lanang Premier.

About foodpanda:

foodpanda is dedicated to bringing food lovers around the world their favorite meals from curated local restaurants. Since its creation, the on-demand food delivery service has grown to more than 27,000 partner restaurants in more than 190 cities across 12 Asian and Central Europe countries globally. foodpanda is active in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Brunei, India, Romania and Bulgaria. It belongs to Delivery Hero, worldwide leader of the food delivery industry. For more information visit


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