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Loving Ligo Sardines with My Boys: Kaon Ta’g Ligo, Davao!

Sardines is one of the much-loved staple canned food among Filipinos which is now made richer and more “lami” by LIGO, a brand that has actually been around for many years here in the Philippines.


My boys and I are loving Ligo Sardines!
So kaon na ta ug Ligo, Davao!

When I went around different supermarkets in the city in recent months where we would do our grocery errands, I literally hear some people often randomly pick or mention Ligo along with the phrase that follows “odong nga lami” when we get to that canned goods section of the grocery or supermarket.

If I remember it right, even during our group’s anniversary party last July 2018 I heard a few times that “odong nga lami” phrase with matching sardines can there on the side of the stage for a game played for added fun. It was at that month that the Tom Rodriguez’s ‘odong nga Lami’ commercial ad for Ligo Sardines was starting to trend on social media and in the internet.

LIGO_Davao Event_Brand Ambassador (1)

Ligo Sardines has become more of a word of mouth now since Kapuso actor Tom Rodriguez became its endorser and had a commercial advertisement singing the now famous song he sang that has many of us in LSS or “last song syndrome” mode time and again. Yes I even sometimes find myself singing Tom’s “Odong nga Lami” in Visayan version and even our little guy.  Going through photos and videos on Instagram one time, I found videos of people singing the TVC song.  There is also a Tagalog version by the way. - Ligo Sardines in Tomato Sauce IMG_20181012_114225_496

We’ve been buying Ligo Sardines in the recent month and we love their spicy sardines. We bought this one at Park N’ Shop in Victoria Plaza Mall. You can find Ligo also in the supermarkets of Gaisano Mall Davao, Robinson’s Abreeza, SM Lanang Premier and others most probably.

IMG_20181014_183812_281Honestly, my boys know I am quite choosy with fish products especially sardines. When I first tried Ligo, I personally like the taste!  It doesn’t have that fishy taste that other brands have that I don’t particularly like especially at a certain time of the month when I would avoid and cannot tolerate fishy taste of food. So far with Ligo Sardines, I am good with it anytime.


The spicy Ligo Sardines variant gives an extra “lami” factor for me given my acquired taste and fondness now for mild spicy food. Thanks to hubby’s influence on spicy food over the years. - Ligo Sardines spicy IMG_20181014_192048

They also have a Ligo Spanish Sardines variant. It makes me eat with gusto leading to consuming extra rice than I really should.


Even our little guy would ask for a little extra rice which he usually doesn’t do.

To give you a little background on Ligo, since 1954 the A. Tung Chingco Manufacturing Corporation in Caloocan City, Metro Manila has been the exclusive distributor of LIGO products in the Philippines. Mr. Gregory Tung, Sr. is known as the founder of the family corporation.

LiGo is taken from the brand name LIberty GOld Fruit Co. from So.San Francisco, California 94080, USA.  You would find that written on the packaging labels of Ligo products that you can buy in many local grocery stores and in your favorite nearby “sari-sari” stores nationwide as well in Mindanao, and of course in Davao City. Ligo Sardines in Tomato Sauce (green can) IMG_20181014_183254_169

Ligo has been in the Philippines since 1954 and is committed to nourishing the lives of Filipinos by offering quality and affordable food products.

Ligo showed the culinary versatility of sardines as it goes well with almost any recipe you could think of cooking for typical Pinoys.   The brand also shared the heritage of the beloved brand in their recent Mindanao regional event last month. I was not there though as the photos below were only shared to me.  I would like to meet Tom, a.k.a @AkosiMangTomas on Instagram, the actor and singer who made people singing, cooking and eating Ligo Sardines in the “odong nga lami” dish.

LIGO_Davao Event_Ligo Sardines Odong

Davaoeños got to experience special preparations of the canned household staple as A. Tung Chingco Corporation (ATC) presented “Kaon Ta’g Ligo, Davao!”

LIGO_Davao Event_01 (1)

Siblings Mikko Tung, Vice President of Production; Mark Tung, Vice President of Sales; and Macky Tung, Advertising Manager are ATC’s new generation of leaders who I read about later on shared their appreciation for Ligo’s stronger performance in the region.

LIGO_Davao Event_Mikko Tung

“It’s a great time to boost our performance in Mindanao. Rest assured that we will continue to reveal new and exciting plans for our customers in the south,” according to Mikko Tung.

“We are excited that more Mindanaoans are discovering the delicious taste of our Ligo Sardines and other products. Because of their warm reception to the recent #LigoLami campaign, our brand was able to expand its presence and market share, following decades of memorable dining moments with Filipinos nationwide,” he also added.

Earlier this year, the “Maka-higugma Nga Lami” Ligo commercial featuring brand ambassador Tom Rodriguez took over the Mindanao online sphere.

Since its launch, the video has generated more than 750,000 of combined views, reactions, and comments on social media. Individuals, students, bands, and choir groups alike shared their love for Ligo and the online video. Their own playful TVC parodies and musical covers further pushed the campaign’s success in the region.

For more details on Ligo products and easy recipes, visit Check out their latest posts at and  @ligosardinesph on Instagram.


New Max’s Spicy Chicken For Those Who Like it Hot & Spicy


The new Max’s Spicy Chicken is for those who like it hot and spicy!


The award winning Max’s Restaurant spices up your special or every day celebrations as they welcome this year’s Christmas holiday season by spicing up everyone’s favorite Max’s Chicken.


Max’s Restaurant is offering the Spicy Chicken Family Platter at P529.00.


This new offering gives a spicy twist to your usual fave chicken at Max’s.


It is tossed in a special chili pepper seasoning that actually made me crave for more when we got to try it along with friends from the media at Max’s Restaurant in SM Lanang Premier. I cannot resist but had two pieces. Yes for the acquired love of spicy food because of hubby’s influence over the years.

It is also available as a Spicy Chicken Basic Meal, Spicy Chicken Fiesta Plate or Spicy Chicken Chopsuey Meal.




Indeed it is best to pair the spicy chicken with Max’s own house blend banana ketchup to balance the spicy with a sweet ketchup.

Or  if you really like it more spicy…


You can choose from these available spicy and hot sauces shown above: Hot sauce, Tabasco Pepper sauce or Habanero Sauce.

IMG_20181023_165713 Max’s SM Lanang male staff holds a plate of Max’s Spicy Chicken.

“Our signature sarap to the bones fried chicken just got a whole lot better as we’ve added an option for customers to enjoy it spicy. Perfect for those looking for an extra kick out of their favorite Max’s Fried Chicken. So head to your nearest Max’s Restaurant, try our new Max’s Spicy Chicken, and have a fantastic dining experience!” said Max’s Restaurant National Business Unit Head Paolo Serrano.


They also have the Spicy Chicken Platter Bundle which includes the Max’s Spicy Chicken with a choice of one best selling soup, a large bowl of plain rice, four glasses of iced tea, four caramel bar ice cream and one plush toy for P1,399.

Davao Food Trips: Nilagang Bulalo Soup | New Max's Spicy Chicken For Those Who Like it Hot & Spicy IMG_20181023_170452

There is also The Max’s Honey Glazed Chili Pata made of premium pork knuckle made extra special by stir frying in garlic and ginger, and then lathered with local honey and served with Max’s pata sauce.


These two new addition to the Max’s menu is their way of meeting the changing demands of their loyal customers as these are welcome treats for those who want to spice up their love for these two classic Filipino dishes to another level and spicy at that.


It was nice seeing familiar faces of former SM peeps once again including the current Trade Marketing Manager of Max’s Group,  Ms. Arianne Pombo.  Great to see you once again, Arianne. Hugs and regards to our dear Basil in Cebu! Thanks Ms. Apol of SM Davao for inviting!


Visit to order through the website; leave a message at Max’s Facebook messenger; or dial Davao’s delivery hotline (082) 285 0558 to order via landline or mobile.


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foodpanda Joins WWF’s #AyokoNgPlastik Movement and #GoGreen Campaign

The food industry and sector need to push more for the ban of using plastic mainly and not only for the bad effects it has to our body’s health, but equally important is the effect it has to animals and our environment as well.

While more people are consciously working on Go Green campaigns worldwide, there are still millions of other people who need to pitch in their help even in their own little way to lessen plastic waste. Better yet it would be great to really eliminate the use of plastic to avoid plastic waste that often end up in our ocean, killing sea creatures especially those endangered ones in the process.

Ayoko ng Plastic movement is saying NO to the use of plastic like bags for example. Davao City establishments has been observing this for the past few years. This calls everyone to pitch in on a personal level. Each one of us can easily do our share.

Read on below to know more from foodpanda press release as they join #AyokoNgPlastik movement of WWF for their #GoGreen campaign.

As the world continues to veer away from the use of plastics in exchange for more eco-friendly alternatives, foodpanda, the on-demand food delivery service in the Philippines, continues its #GoGreen initiative by partnering with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines, the 26th national organization of the WWF network, for its #AyokoNgPlastik movement. The movement aims to combat the over usage of single-use plastics in the day to day lives of people by encouraging the use of more sustainable materials.

Starting next month, everyone has the option to join the movement when opting out for plastic cutlery and choosing to donate Php 1.00 or Php 5.00 per order to help WWF-Philippines in their battle against plastic waste.

“We, at foodpanda, believe that the partnership with the WWF-Philippines strengthens our vision for the #GoGreen campaign. I am excited for this collaboration, as we are talking about two pandas colliding and joining forces to help decrease the use of plastic,” says CEO for foodpanda Philippines, Iacopo Rovere.

To date, foodpanda has almost 10% of their restaurant partners participating in the opt in/out cutlery across its three key cities: Metro Manila, Metro Cebu and Davao. By partnering with WWF-Philippines, foodpanda will be able to increase the reach and impact of its #GoGreen campaign. , Not just for the environment, but for the businesses involved as well as it allows restaurant partners to save money from cutlery costs.

foodpanda - WWF Photo

”This partnership with foodpanda against the use of single-use plastics – the first food delivery service to join us in protecting the environment. Together with foodpanda, we will continue to paint the world green (and pink),” shares President of WWF-Philippines, Jose Angelito Palma.foodpanda - WWF Photo

foodpanda - WWF Photo

With this partnership, foodpanda hopes to make a difference in the way plastic waste is perceived and reduce the overall environmental impact of food packaging waste. If you already have easy access to cutlery or if you do not need it for your meal, foodpanda encourages you to consider opting-out from cutlery to help reduce plastic usage and help WWF-Philippines’ movement.

foodpanda ph logo

About foodpanda:

foodpanda is dedicated to bringing food lovers around the world their favorite meals from curated local restaurants. Since its creation, the on-demand food delivery service has grown to more than 27,000 partner restaurants in more than 190 cities across 12 Asian and Central Europe countries globally. foodpanda is active in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Brunei, India, Romania and Bulgaria. It belongs to Delivery Hero, worldwide leader of the food delivery industry. For more information visit

How it works:

Through the foodpanda website or via the new iOS and Android apps, customers can enter their address and view a curated list of restaurants serving their neighborhood. Once they have found their meal of choice, they can place an order in the comfort of their home or office, paying online through foodpanda’s secure platform. The order is then carefully prepared by the restaurant, picked up by the foodpanda rider and delivered straight to their doorstep.

Follow foodpanda on:

Facebook:   |   Twitter:   |     Instagram: foodpanda_ph

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