Cacao Pairing with Wit’s Sweets & Savouries at Cacao City

Cacao Pairing with Wit’s Sweets & Savouries at Cacao City at the Pasalubong Center located in Palma Gil Street here in Davao City last April 10, 2018 was really a fun and interesting experience of sweet and savory tastes. I would recommend it for you to have an experience of your own when in Davao City. If this plan of Ms. Lizabel “Wit” G. Holganza pushes through, this will be part of your cacao tour while in Davao. Plus a visit to a cacao farm or their family farm which has been for three generations cultivating four varieties of cacao on the two-hectare farm. Then cap it off after with a nice cacao pairing experience just similar to the one they experienced in Hawaii, right at Cacao City!

Cacao City Pasalubong Center IMG_20180410_181856

Cacao City Pasalubong Center IMG_20180410_181820

During our cacao pairing experience, thanks to mommy Ces’ invite, mommy bloggers and friends were joined by Ms. Jennifer Joy Subang along with Ms. Wit who guided us through the learning  and fun experience.

Cacao City Pasalubong Center IMG_20180410_161947

First pairing was mango and cacao nibs.

Cacao City Pasalubong Center mango with Wits cacao nibs IMG_20180410_162642

I have to really be honest that while this was intentionally a cacao pairing, with this first one, I had to say that the cacao nibs used was great when eaten delectably all on its own.

Cacao City Pasalubong Center IMG_20180410_163717

Cacao City Pasalubong Center IMG_20180410_163918

Wit’s Coco Cacao Nib Clusters

Cacao City Pasalubong Center wits cacao nibs coco IMG_20180410_163922

I do love the perfectly sweet mango. I still really enjoyed eating the cacao nibs on its own. Followed next by the sweet mango. Yes, I am a sweet mango lover! *wink*  Yet since this was to be paired, the sweet Philippine mango and delectably flavorful, plus not to forget healthy cacao nibs, was a fairly good pairing.

Cacao City Pasalubong Center wits cacao nibs coco IMG_20180410_161919

Second pairing was the salad greens with zesty granola.

Cacao City Pasalubong Center wits cacao nibs coco IMG_20180410_164437_1

This is one healthy way of incorporating the delicious granola into a simple and easy to make healthy salad mix.

Cacao City Pasalubong Center wits cacao nibs coco IMG_20180410_164542

Cacao City Pasalubong Center wits granola IMG_20180410_162636

You can also have it this way….

Cacao City Pasalubong Center wits cacao nibs IMG_20180410_155205

Arla Feta Cheese with thinly sliced cucumber then topped with cacao nibs. Also tasted good!


Cacao City Pasalubong Center wits cacao nibs IMG_20180410_163816

Wit’s Cacao Nib Clusters with Muscovado


Third pairing was dark choco nibs and savory bacon with chocolate.


Delicious and savory. Take it easy on this one. Because bacon! *wink*


If I was younger, I would definitely indulge in this one!

Fourth pairing, Cacao dark choco nibs and beer.


I enjoyed the cacao nibs as with the rest of the pairing. Though I am not a beer drinker. I took a sip and I will stick to the delicious cacao nibs eaten on its own. If you drink beer, then this will be a unique and interesting pairing to taste.

Fifth pairing was with Cacao Tea and they used the one from Cacao Culture Farms.


Enjoy it with the tasty granola topped with yogurt.


Now here’ is my personal fave granola variety.


I love the durian granola of Wit’s! It’s been a personal fave! Because it’s durian flavored, it’s delicious and locally made! #supportlocal

Distinctly Pinoy Granola

Wit’s Sweets & Savouries, offer unique all natural indulgences that are made with gusto & packed with Filipino inspired flavors.

Headlining these treats are antioxidant-rich cacao nibs, from beans grown right on Ms. Wit’s family farm in Gran Verde, Calinan, Davao City. It’s the perfect brain, energy and mood booster!

WIT’S Sweets & Savouries offers Filipino flavors of granola including zesty (ginger), tasty (sweet mango), tangy (green mango), spiced (siling labuyo) and durian.
Contact: 0998-9930941
Davao: +63 917 884 1962
Manila: +63 917 517 1985


When in Davao City especially during the Kadayawan sa Davao Festival season, try these pairings at Cacao City beside the Pasalubong Center near People’s Park and Casino Filipino at the old Apo View Hotel.

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