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1. Chicken sa McDo, Jollibee, or KFC?

:: I’m more for McDo but KFC for gravy + mashed potatoes Van. 🙂

2. Pepsi, Coke, or rootbeer?

:: Coke Zero or Coke Light!

3. Greenwich, Pizza Hut, or Yellow Cab?

:: Pizza Hut and yellow cab! Greenwich too thin and expensive not that tasty.

4. Adobo, sinigang, or nilaga?

:: Adobo.

5. Beef, pork, or chicken?

:: Pork or chicken 🙂

6. Starbucks, Coffee bean and tea leaf, or Gloria Jean’s?

:: Starbucks! Continue reading

Coffee For Peace in Davao City

Thursday evening we went to Coffee For Peace, a new coffee shop here in Davao City. We just came from watching Journey to the Center of the Earth in NCCC Mall Cinema when H wanted to have coffee instead of eating dinner since we are not that hungry. I suddenly remembered this new coffee shop I noticed weeks before and which we saw featured in Istayl Nato the other Sunday morning.

Coffee For Peace (Davao) signage

Coffee For Peace (Davao) Cifra ala Mode (right) winning cold espresso concoction in a competition in 2007 & their Cafe Caramel Mocha Hot Latte (left)

Coffee For Peace (Davao): Cifra ala Mode (right, their winning concoction in 2007)

and Cafe Caramel Mocha Hot Latte (left)

Location of Coffee For Peace is at the Frederick Building, McArthur Highway, Matina, Davao City which is just a walking distance from NCCC and acrosss the street diagonal from McDonalds-MTS, so off we went there trying to decide if we wanna try their Civet Coffee.

(Click on the photos twice to enlarge.)

Coffee For Peace (Davao) facade of whole building

Coffee For Peace (Davao) facade/front building

The first thing you see outside during that time we went there was this sign board outside its entrance.

Coffee For Peace (Davao) front sign board

We went in thinking there was a meeting and indeed they were having a special meeting. Shortly after we went in, Ging Navarro Descallar or Ate Ging, the Franchising Operations Manager, who was very accommodating and soft-spoken approached us. She sat down with us in our table and talked to us about their coffee shop. Coffee For Peace supplies world class Arabica beans and Philippine Civet Coffee coming from the Cordilleras and in Mindanao from Mount Matutum in Cotabato.

Coffee For Peace (Davao) signage

As Ate Ging explained to us, Arabica coffee has only about 3% caffeine therefore if you drink it you would less likely to have palpitations especially when you are a coffee addict or a coffee drinker. They are into coffee trading and as how Ate Ging put it, Coffee for Peace is a venue where they invite people to talk about their cause – to bring and promote PEACE in Mindanao especially between the rebels and government soldiers inviting them to put down their guns and have a peaceful talk over a cup of coffee so that is why it is Coffee For Peace.

Coffee For Peace (Davao) Menu Book

The Coffee For Peace menu book above still having their old address at Juna Subdivision.

Coffee For Peace (Davao): Cifra ala Mode (right, their winning concoction in 2007) and Cafe Caramel Mocha Hot Latte (left)

We ordered Cifra ala Mode at P140 (top right) under their Iced Coffee For Peace which is their barrista’s winning cold espresso concoction in a competition held last 2007 which has a tangy taste because of the bits of lemon you would find in it. I ordered their Cafe Caramel Mocha Hot Latte P120 (top left) under their Hot Coffee For Peace and it tasted good.  I also tried their Monster Chocolate Cake which is only P35 per slice, so you don’t have to have much to afford it, and has a delicious filling in between.

Coffee For Peace (Davao) coffee mug on display

Coffee For Peace (Davao) lizard ceiling decor

Looking around their place, I cannot help but notice this cool and nice design on their ceiling which was designed by the husband of Ate Ging who is an artist and professional photographer. Another Nikonian like us actually. When our baby saw this he said “toto” (lizard). 🙂

Coffee For Peace (Davao) signage

The signage at the bottom of the photo above will be placed outside one of these days according to Ate Ging. She also told us that the three (3) triangles you will see in the letter O in coffee stand for the three groups in Mindanao who should be at peace with one another – the Bangsamoro, migrants and GRP.

If you wanna join their cause for PEACE in Mindanao, you may look for Ate Ging at the coffee shop or L. Daniel Pantoja, Team Leadership Development of the Peacebuilders Community thru email: , telefax (63-82) 297-3139. You can also check on their website:

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