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Wellmade Launches Select Soy Sauce and Sukang Puti in VisMin

SELECT Soy Sauce and SELECT Sukang Puti by Wellmade was launched last September 10, 2019 at the Dusit Thani Residence Davao.

14 Sulit Sarap meals by Chef Jauzer 2

Dusit D2 Executive Sous Chef Rauzer Garcia prepared two dishes using the two products launched in these two popular Filipino dishes namely: chicken adobo and pancit guisado.
2 dusitD2 Executive Sous Chef Rauzer Garcia 2

Read on to know more about these SELECT cooking products that will surely make your fave Filipino dishes more delicious and loved by your family!

Wellmade Manufacturing Corporation Launches Select Soy Sauce and Sukang Puti in Visayas and Mindanao

Wellmade Manufacturing Corporation is a trusted brand by Filipinos. For 44 years now, the company and the Select brand is synonymous to quality and taste, essential elements of a product that make food taste extra special.

Select is proudly Philippine-made. It is the brands mission is to provide high quality, healthy, cooking products that are affordable to the average Filipino consumer.

“A husband and wife Chinese migrants established Essential Manufacturing in 1975 with Select Soy Sauce and Select Vinegar as the company’s main products. With limited capital, they started a small business with minimal production and distribution limited in Luzon,” said Joseph Charles Cruel, the managing director of Wellmade.

12 Joseph Charles Cruel, Managing Director of Wellmade

“We’re a year short of turning 45 years old. We took small yet sure steps with the company’s growth. This year will be another milestone for Wellmade when the Select products will start its distribution in Visayas and Mindanao,” he said.

Select products has been tried and tested for more than four decades now. It uses a Chinese tradition of fermenting soy sauce, which is passed from generation to generation. The soy sauce is made with with naturally-fermented soy and the vinegar is made from naturally fermented sugar cane.

The high quality raw ingredients and the process makes a big difference in flavor. The Select Soy Sauce has the right degree of saltiness with a hint of sweetness, while the Select Vinegar has that fresh, lightly salted taste to it.

True to the mission of Wellmade, making quality products affordable for all, Wellmade wants Select to be available to the VisMin market.

“In fact, in Luzon, we are priced lower than the brands Select shares the grocery, sari-sari store and even the public market shelves with. The 200ml Select Soy Sauce with Easy Twist Cap is only Php 7.50 while the 200ml Select Sukang Puti with Easy Twist Cap is tagged low at Php 5.35. Price and positioning of the products should be very accessible to everyone. We will make sure it is the same in Visayas and Mindanao,” he added.

With the high quality and safety seal of Select Soy Sauce and Select Sukang Puti now available in the market, every household chef can whip up the favorite family recipes at a lesser cost. Now, that’s Sulit sarap!

Kadayawan Food Festival 2019 at Cafe Marco

Celebrate Kadayawan Food Festival 2019 at Marco Polo Davao

Café Marco offers authentic Filipino and Mindanaoan dishes prepared an All-Filipino culinary team headed by Executive Chef Alex Destriza from 17th of August until the 24th.
Cafe Marco (2) Kadayawan 2019 Food Festival Marco Polo Davao Hotel - Chef Alex Destriza

Cafe Marco (1) Kadayawan 2019 Food Festival Marco Polo Davao Hotel
Enjoy mouth-watering appetizers such as tuna ceviche with cucumber, tomato, vinegar, chili and exotic flavours such as Piyaren Udang, Beef Landang, and Piyalam Istah. Famous Davao dessert halo-halo as well as fresh-from-the-farm mangosteen, lanzones, and pomelo on the buffet spread.

Fruit Stand - DEAM Fruits at Marco Polo Davao Kadayawan 2019
In partnership with Deam Fruits, Marco Polo Davao will be also selling Davao’s tropical fruit favorites such as mangosteen, rambutan, lanzones, and pomelo at the hotel’s retail area starting August 1 to 31, 2019.

Celebrate the festivities with the official festival drink, the Kadayawan Cooler. Concocted by Marco Polo Davao, the Kadayawan Cooler is a refreshing drink made from fresh Davao-grown fruits with famous Davao Pomelo as its base flavor. The Kadayawan cooler is available at the hotel’s bars and dining outlets.

*PR & Photos from Marco Polo Davao*

Mom’s Day Treat For The Queen of Our Home

Mother’s Day is that special day dedicated to the Queen of the Home!

A delightful urban staycation with a special add-on for the Moms plus a sweet and indulging lunch buffet on the 12th of May in Seda Abreeza awaits the queen of your home!

This year's Mother's Day Treat is inspired with colors of lavender and teal

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