Kadayawan Food Festival 2019 at Cafe Marco

Celebrate Kadayawan Food Festival 2019 at Marco Polo Davao

Café Marco offers authentic Filipino and Mindanaoan dishes prepared an All-Filipino culinary team headed by Executive Chef Alex Destriza from 17th of August until the 24th.
Cafe Marco (2) Kadayawan 2019 Food Festival Marco Polo Davao Hotel - Chef Alex Destriza

Cafe Marco (1) Kadayawan 2019 Food Festival Marco Polo Davao Hotel
Enjoy mouth-watering appetizers such as tuna ceviche with cucumber, tomato, vinegar, chili and exotic flavours such as Piyaren Udang, Beef Landang, and Piyalam Istah. Famous Davao dessert halo-halo as well as fresh-from-the-farm mangosteen, lanzones, and pomelo on the buffet spread.

Fruit Stand - DEAM Fruits at Marco Polo Davao Kadayawan 2019
In partnership with Deam Fruits, Marco Polo Davao will be also selling Davao’s tropical fruit favorites such as mangosteen, rambutan, lanzones, and pomelo at the hotel’s retail area starting August 1 to 31, 2019.

Celebrate the festivities with the official festival drink, the Kadayawan Cooler. Concocted by Marco Polo Davao, the Kadayawan Cooler is a refreshing drink made from fresh Davao-grown fruits with famous Davao Pomelo as its base flavor. The Kadayawan cooler is available at the hotel’s bars and dining outlets.

*PR & Photos from Marco Polo Davao*

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