WS: Davao Food Trip at Ranchero’s Grill

My Weekend Snapshot entry here is a snapshot of where our own Food Trip took us last night at Ranchero’s Grill in Tionko Avenue, Davao City where we tried out their Baby Back Ribs. First time we went there just a few days ago, we were disappointed after the waitress took our order and came back to tell us that they no longer have Baby Back Ribs. That was the only reason we came there so we had to cancel our other orders then. The second snapshot is Ranchero’s own version of Sansrival which is one of my favorite cakes. It is sweeter than I thought that I was not able to consume all of it which is unusual hmmmm knowing my appetite for sweet cakes and pastries.

Ranchero’s Grill

Sansrival at Ranchero’s Grill

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