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Goldilocks Celebrates National Cake Day As A Celebration in Every Slice at SM Lanang Premier

Goldilocks National Cake Day Logo

As I thought about November 26 being the National Cake Day, I remember someone who used to tell me that for some reason, she never had a cake with candles to blow for her birthday growing up. So when she graduated and found herself a good job with good pay, she would make sure that when her family has a birthday to celebrate, she would volunteer and sponsor the birthday cake. She chooses Goldilocks always because for one they know how to do nicely the lettering for the personal message on top of the cake compared to another bakeshop.  Aside from way back then, the Goldilocks cakes are known to have delicious cakes for any celebrated special family occasion. Baptismal cakes and cakes for Christmas and New Year family celebrations were almost always from Goldilocks! I could somehow relate to her story as we usually have Goldilocks cakes too for special family occasions for more than a decade already. Also, I do remember I often buy their brownies way back then. One of my fave cakes at Goldilocks then was their chocolate mousse cake.

Goldilocks National Cake Day 11262017 SM Lanang Premier 
This year, Goldilocks National Cake Day: A Celebration in Every Slice for a sweeter world!

Annipie: Your Cinnamon Destination in Davao Opens at SM Lanang Premier

When in Davao and looking for cinnamon rolls to satisfy and indulge in your cravings, Annipie has built their name as the place to go since they started in 2007 as the cinnamon destination in the city.

Cinnamon Rolls | Annipie: Your Cinnamon Destination in Davao Opens at SM Lanang Premier - DavaoFoodTripS.com

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