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Saluhan Lounge and Buffet

If you are in Davao City and you want to go to an affordable buffet restaurant, try Saluhan Lounge and Buffet.

Their regular lunch and dinner buffet is very affordable at P149 only. They serve delicious food. They serve bottomless iced tea and soft drinks at P35.

Here are some photos of our recent food trip there.

Photos ©DavaoFoodTrips.com

Hubby and I like their kutsinta. I said yesterday maybe I’ll ask them if I can buy some for take home plus their cupcakes too! I miss their chicken curry and their very tender spare ribs which has been an early favorite of hubby and me. Will share some other photos next time. We often see groups of people dine there for a special occasion because their price is affordable compared to other buffet restaurants.

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Crabs Treat at Nanay Bebeng’s

The boys and I went out to have dinner out and I was craving for fruits so we decided to go to one of our fave Filipino buffet restaurants in Davao. We were supposed to drop by the mall to look into that… we found in the hardware a couple of days ago. We could suggest that to my sister who can use that in case of emergency when the water supply in her place of residence would cut off sometimes.

Anyway, we decided to have dinner first and when we got to the buffet resto, I saw this instantly. Wow crabs treat for me today! I miss the crab meat dish in another resto in town since it is so easy to eat but since this is what I saw yesterday, I cannot help but be happy to see crabs once again being served among their dishes in the buffet.

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Breakfast at Paradise Island Beach Resort

Our kind and generous classmate, Jess who was leaving for Manila and then going back to Chicago, USA, yesterday treated us to breakfast at Paradise Island Resort in Samal (IGaCOS). Since he was leaving yesterday 7PM, he gave us his last treat. His niece from Chicago followed us there along with her two cousins and Jess’ brother.

Paradise served the food we ordered about an hour after. But then the food was good and kind of worth the wait as we were so hungry by the time it was served. We came from a shoot with our teacher Eugene Lara at the David’s Edge. It was a totally wholesome shoot. H and I were kind of late for the 5AM shoot schedule since he came from work while I got a hard time looking for taxi to bring me there. It was a Monday – a school and work day plus the first day of the week so it was busy on the streets already by the time I got out of the house. H had to fetch me somewhere in Matina.

Going back to our food trip, we had another classmate with us, Lance from Norway, He ordered a Mango Shake which he said was delicious!

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