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  1. Hi Everyone,

    First off, I’d like to say that I’ve been eating at Cafe Mediterranean back in Greenbelt for the last 6 years and I’ve had any complaints until we decided to eat at this franchise at Chimes. We’ve had the worst customer service imaginable.

    We ordered some hummus and falafel and the waitress name “Hazel ” recommended us to try the pizza – buy one take one …which was never even posted any where in the cafe. So since we just came from the airport and we were really hungry we decided to go for the beef and chicken. We were half way through our meal when we decide to check in to our hotel and rest for the evening…. so we asked for the bill and asked the waitress to wrap up what’s left of our food …and there was atleast a whole pizzas worth of food, half chicken and half beef.

    Guess what the waitress said .. “sorry sir, dine in lang po.” Hah .. what do you mean? Well, she meant no left overs , no doggy bags. So we politely asked the lady to call her manager to discuss the matter.. “store policy” guess what… her manager was in another store allegedly somewhere ..in short nowhere to be found. After some protracted explanation a supervisor rudely awakened from his siesta, came in apologetic saying that he was a supervisor of “Banana Leaf restaurant, next door, and had infact no powers what so ever in the matter. Hmm…in our minds… why is this person talking to us? Well, the over all Manager of the row of restaurants “Food Street” Mr.Raflor Villahestor was on his day off or some lame reason ..similar to that. At this point, we realized that we were dealing will powerless drones who would not know customer service or the mere idea of it, it it slapped them on their face.

    Customer service is non-existent in this place. Balikbayans and business people who know better should know better than to patronize this place. I was told that, the Yap family owned the Chimes and the the restaurants … in this place. Well, maybe they are so loaded with sales that they have no need for my business or my ilks. What astounds me is that how much the locals are so tolerant of this kind of service…or dis-service. I am trying to put myself your your position…may be the locals don’t know any better. Maybe little more advocacy on the part of desk at DTI Customer Welfare and better business bureau in the office of the mayor is called for.

    For me, this experience is a painful reminder of how education and the lack there of…affects the way we deal with people and go about our business.

    I asked the “supervisor” to for get his position for a minute and put himself in my position…and tell me what his reaction is. His very words were, na sasayangan ako sa pagkain. (He felt bad for wasting the food). He confirmed to me that the policy was full of crap. But, if made to choose between losing his job over this incident and losing customer … the choice was obvious.

    Ms. Yap, if you’re reading this .. I hope you now have a better idea of the kind of people you’ve hired to manage your business.By the way … do you have a feedback form …any where in your restaurant? One more thing…have you posted security cameras in your kitchen, behind the cashier and on the dining premises? If you haven’t I can refer you to a good supplier….with some clue about customer service.

    Thank you, and enjoy your meal…..by the way … since we are cost cutting who’s to say that … you’re not actually eating some else’s left over pizza? hmm

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