Patok Sa Manok in Tulip Drive Opens February 2

Home grown Filipino resto – Patok Sa Manok will officially open its newest branch at Tulip Drive in Matina, Davao City this Friday, February 02, 2018 at 10 in the morning. PSM has been in business in Davao City for more than 32 years already and has since then been known for their signature lechon manok. (If Golden Brown chicken house is a familiar landmark in the city to you during your childhood, then you know what am talking about.)

Chef Pauline Benedicto, the owners’ daughter, explained that the new resto offers a new look and feel to level up the dining experience in all Patok Sa Manok restos in town. Their newest branch in Tulip Drive has a function room that has the vibe of typical Davao known for our banana industry with banana trees painted on the walls. It gives an ambiance and look with a tropical feel of a home in Davao with that foliage painting.

As with their menu, they stick to their classic offerings of dishes like their signature lechon manok which I find delicious eaten by itself even without dipping it in the liver sauce it is served with.

The liempo – the pork skin was such as temptation…

Their isaw for classic starters…

Their savory salpicao in a skillet.

Their tasty pancit canton…

The chop suey (to make the dining experience healthier) and also their pinakbet – all these classic dishes served family style with bigger serving size perfect for families dining out together.

While dining couples who will most likely be sharing dishes or even people dining solo, they have dishes in skillets with smaller serving size, and they are served with rice.

We’ve tried their arroz ala cubana and their callos served in skillets.

Chef Pauline also mentioned some of the upgrades they are implementing in their PSM restos.

Their sweet and sour fish dish uses parrot fish or what Chef Pau refer to as molmol in the local dialect. I enjoyed eating this dish during our lunch as I was craving for fish then.

Their kaldereta uses short ribs or beef tadyang.

They are upgrading the recipes and the dining experience. The PSM Tulip Drive branch will have a bakery and all other branches will be having a premium line of cakes also.

This mango brulee cake is simply a winner for me. I love it!

They are also serving classic and durian sylvannas. The durian is a fave between the two flavors.

A little throwback before I end this post. I remember visiting Patok sa Manok in Lanang during the Sooo Pinoy Food Trip Davao Leg a few years ago in 2012 and meeting the owner Ms. Lena Benedicto, Chef Pauline’s mom, then in person for the first time. You can check that post here below.

Patok sa Manok | Sooo Pinoy Food Trip na Pilipinas in Davao City

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