Davao Food Trip #4 @ Salutti

My hubby Charles, me and and our precious angel CT were fortunate enough to be able to part in the Davao Food Trip Leg #4 at Salutti last January 19, 2008 at 3:30PM. This was organized by Blogie who invited ten (10) Mindanao bloggers to join in the fun and have a delicious food trip and this time at Salutti.

Ms. Tricie Arcenas, owner of Salutti as well as her two staff were very gracious and accommodating when we were the first to arrive there at her cozy little Italian restaurant right behind Claude’s Le Café de Ville at the Habana Compound, Rizal Street, Davao City. Ria arrived next to us then Dulce, Tiara, Andrew, Kim, Winston, Migs, Blogie and finally Chikai (last but definitely not the least) who said she got lost looking for Salutti.

We got a rare and great treat and we were served most of their delicious food in their menu.

Salutti Davao City

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Davao Food Trippers

Hello everyone! You have stumbled upon the new blog of two food trippers from Davao City – C, T and CT who have made food trips somehow a regular habit as long as we have money to pay for what we eat and when there is free food to eat… lol! We have made eating like a vice that we can never let go of and don’t wanna let go of. Food trip is an adventure we would want to enjoy in life.

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