McDonald’s Delivery

McDonald’s Delivery or McDelivery to the rescue for us whenever we feel lazy to cook at home or go out to dine out or buy food somewhere. Just dial 228-MCDO for Davao and order. It takes them about thirty to forty minutes to deliver. Sometimes it arrives earlier to our surprise.

For the past few times that we availed of their food delivery service it is because we have been both busy with work and everything else around here plus we are too tired to go out. We love their french fries and the little boy likes their pancakes. I just wonder why their chicken’ coating is uber crispy sometimes.

My fave order is their hot fudge sundae and it is always on the list of what we order from them. I would forget about diet and I can always opt to buy… if I want to as long as I can eat their the hot fudge sundae. So far here in the city no other sundae that I have tried can beat it with regards to the creaminess of the soft serve vanilla ice cream plus love the chocolatey fudge sauce smothered on the sides. I can eat as many as I would want to but with the calories in it I may have to diet and exercise afterwards.

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