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McDo Delivery

A few nights ago, after looking for light duty computer chair to replace the damaged leg of my old computer chair and finally finding one online which gives me hope that we can still fix and use it, I realized I was hungry and it was almost dinner time. It was still raining outside and we cannot go out for dinner anymore so I though why not go for McDo delivery. Though the last time we availed of their delivery, it took them so long to deliver. What they missed then was properly informing the customer of any delay in delivery.

Good thing this time, they were almost on time! Hooray for McDo Delivery! So here is what we just had, one for each of the three of us.

McDo one piece chicken meal - McDo delivery

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About a week ago, I was actually looking for a document scanning software that I could really find very useful in my project of going paperless or at least as much as possible here at home when it comes to important documents such as bills and statements, receipts, etc. However I really got hungry just in time that we should be having dinner in about an hour’s time that day. I was trying to think of where we can have dinner that night but then it started raining so we are stuck at home which could be a blessing in disguise because I and the little one were both tired already that time. Continue reading

McDonald’s Delivery

McDonald’s Delivery or McDelivery to the rescue for us whenever we feel lazy to cook at home or go out to dine out or buy food somewhere. Just dial 228-MCDO for Davao and order. It takes them about thirty to forty minutes to deliver. Sometimes it arrives earlier to our surprise.

For the past few times that we availed of their food delivery service it is because we have been both busy with work and everything else around here plus we are too tired to go out. We love their french fries and the little boy likes their pancakes. I just wonder why their chicken’ coating is uber crispy sometimes.

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