Wishlist: Dinner at Cafe Marco

Christmas is near! Have you updated your Christmas wishlist? After just checking out the lg home theatre system at one of the stores in the mall, I now have a new addition to my Christmas wish list, that home theater and this new one too (oh grant this one Santa please)… Christmas dinner with my boys and family at the Cafe Marco at the Marco Polo Davao.

new Cafe Marco 2011 - Marco Polo Hotel Davao

The new and renovated Cafe Marco opened once again around July 2011. We just visited it once again since it was renovated, just recently during our anniversary where we decided to have a special dinner there with my boys. We were not able to travel that time around which has somewhat become a tradition, so we compensated it with a nice dinner at Cafe Marco.

I like the new look of Cafe Marco compared before. There seems to be more choices too for food this time for dinner that I like. Am I thinking about the roasted pork? You bet! I had trouble controlling myself from getting too much of it. I only allowed myself two servings and no more. I’ll be back next time for more for sure!

There were only very few guests there that night. If only my tummy could take in as much delicious food especially desserts at that time, I would have gone on eating like there is no tomorrow. They now have ice cream for kids and kids at heart. I don’t remember them having it before or I might just have completely missed it before. The little boy liked the ice cream section with choices of ube or was it chocolate, mango, strawberry and vanilla ice cream at that time. As for me, the dessert section was a delight for me. If only my throat and diet could allow me to eat as much sweets as I can. Hubby and I both loved the grilling station! Yes we loved the freshly grilled fish with choices of various fishes for grilling.

Maybe next time we should go there as early as possible to make the most of the time. I got to come back for the halo-halo, salad and seafood stations plus of course – the dessert section! See you then at Cafe Marco!

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