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Sooo Pinoy Food Trip na Pilipinas in Davao City at Ahfat Seafoods Plaza

Ahfat has long been our fave Chinese restaurant in Davao City that started way back 1998. Named “Ahfat” because it means lucky or prosperity. It is known to most locals and especially Asian tourists looking for Asian particularly Chinese-inspired cuisine in the city. This restaurant has also been recognized internationally (at least in Asia as far as I can remember) and has been listed before as one of the must go to Chinese restaurants for tourists.

It has since expanded and now has three branches all located at the Victoria Plaza compound at the back of one of the oldest malls in the city. They’re known as Ahfat 1,2 and 3. The first being the oldest branch is the smallest yet personally we like Ahfat 1 when it comes to taste. But we like Ahfat 3 for being the newest among the three and it is bigger too. They serve dimsum specialties at Ahfat 3.

Now Ahfat 2 started to venture into inihaw dishes since Davao, the owner Philip Ang mentioned, is indeed known for inihaw. They prepared a real feast of inihaw dishes for our lunch.

Ahfat Seafood Restaurant Davao

Grilled Pusit

Grilled Panga should be ever present when one says inihaw in Davao since we are blessed with a supply of tuna here and our neighbor cities and provinces.

Grilled Tuna Belly

Grilled Buntot

Pork Barbecue

 They also served us Bihod from the female fish is fish roe (egg) or which some say is our own local version of the caviar.

Creamy texture of the Grilled Bagaybay from the male fish makes it a fave among the two for most people I know who eats them.

Pineapple Fried Rice

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This epic food trip in Davao City from June 25-29, 2012 is part of Unilever Food Solutions’ Sooo Pinoy campaign, in partnership with the Department of Tourism, to make more Filipinos aware of the richness and diversity of our cultural heritage with our Filipino dishes and cuisine in the Philippines and for this leg featuring the local dishes may it be their traditional versions or unique yet delicious fusion of Filipino cuisine that are popular in Davao City. Thank you Unilever Food Solutions for making us a part of this epic Davao food trip!

To know more about the campaign, please do visit the Sooo Pinoy Facebook Page and follow @SoooPinoy on Twitter.


Sizzling Shrimps

This serving of sizzling spicy shrimps that I can consume all by myself has been my recent fave and it is the dish that I order whenever I get the chance to do so. As I have said before hubby does not eat this. This is from a food trip last month with the boys at the Ahfat Seafoods Plaza 1 the main and oldest one after we went scouting for that exhibition event that day which a friend told me about. We got hungry looking for it especially me so we ended up at Ahfat since I was craving for this dish then.

I have actually tried the Sizzling Gambas | Spicy Prawns @Ahfat’s Seafood Plaza 3 a few times already since that is the branch where we go to during our recent food trips to Ahfat being the newest branch. Yet we noticed that most of the taste of the dishes in Ahfat 1 is what we prefer more. Well that is just our opinion .But we still find the dishes in the other branch worth coming back for.

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