Sizzling Shrimps

This serving of sizzling spicy shrimps that I can consume all by myself has been my recent fave and it is the dish that I order whenever I get the chance to do so. As I have said before hubby does not eat this. This is from a food trip last month with the boys at the Ahfat Seafoods Plaza 1 the main and oldest one after we went scouting for that exhibition event that day which a friend told me about. We got hungry looking for it especially me so we ended up at Ahfat since I was craving for this dish then.

I have actually tried the Sizzling Gambas | Spicy Prawns @Ahfat’s Seafood Plaza 3 a few times already since that is the branch where we go to during our recent food trips to Ahfat being the newest branch. Yet we noticed that most of the taste of the dishes in Ahfat 1 is what we prefer more. Well that is just our opinion .But we still find the dishes in the other branch worth coming back for.

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