Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is always special to me being a mother as it is a time I celebrate the honor of being a mom to my dear little guy.  I grateful being a mom and I think about that many times each day actually as I remember I have been blessed to be one to my boys especially to my dear little guy, my son whose growing up fast as time flies.

Mother’s Day is celebrated every second Sunday of the month of May.  That is just more than a month away. In UK, they have what you call Mothering Sunday and it happened last March 6 or every first Sunday in the month of March.

Many families over here usually celebrate Mother’s Day dining out. Along with that, some moms get gift from their children and loved ones. I have been trying to get some ideas for mothers day present here as I found nice mother’s rings which includes birthstones of each member in the family.

I also found gold stackable mothers rings and those engravable ones that caught my fancy. There are also gold pendants and sterling silver rings to choose from.

Well this mommy’s celebrating another year of the gift of life next month, so I have thought of getting one as a gift to myself in case the hubby won’t as usual. Sometimes we got to give love to ourselves too. Hubby’s thinking of dining at a fave buffet restaurant as he had mentioned today to us. I hope he does push through with that. But for now what is most important is having the best of health for myself and especially to my family and loved ones.

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