Hershey’s Ice Cream

Spotted this Hershey’s chocolate ice cream at the supermarket of SM Lanang three days ago.

Hershey's ice cream cone P15 at SM Lanang - DavaoFoodTrips.com

As requested by my little guy, we tried one and it’s one chocolatey treat for him. I tasted it twice and it’s a treat for the young ones. I couls no longer indulge as much as I wish I can.

We just came from the third floor looking for a good headphone similar to the v-moda crossfade lp2 that fuses function and fashion. I have been wanting to have a new headphone that is of good quality.

We got a little hungry after and so we went down to the supermarket area looking for something to munch on and that’s when we spotted this ice cream. It’s P3 cheaper than the ones they sell in 7 Eleven. Some say this is more chocolatey than the other one. Well I can only indulge in a few licks and no more than that. Got to watch my diet. The younger ones can indulge in this I feel like I need to watch how much I take in already like this sweet, chocolatey ice cream.

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