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Brazo Cheesecake of Dulce Vida at Tiny Kitchen

IMG_20150221_194236Brazo Cheesecake of Dulce Vida at Tiny Kitchen

A taste of heaven tonight in this delicious cake combination of brazo and cheesecake, both favorites for dessert by many people I know, in this brazo cheesecake that was delightful surprise as it was served to our table after a sumptuous and delicious dinner at the newly opened Dulce Vida next to Tiny Kitchen.

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Gambas Al Ajillo at Tiny Kitchen Davao

After we had the Spicy Shrimps in Crab Roe and Olive Oil at Dong Juan a few nights ago, I was craving once again for gambas as we were looking for a place to dine for late lunch somewhere near Torres Street here in Davao coming from our little boy’s school where we check and go to him for lunch daily. I thought of a new place that my foodie friend Nikki posted on her IG but the name of the new resto near Marfori slipped from my mind and I am not sure of the location and time that they will close after lunch. I am not even sure if they do serve gambas.

So upon reaching the corner of Assumption church, I went back to the original plan of going to that one place in Davao City where one could have the best gambas (aside from Ahfat Seafood Plaza 1 yes the original branch where we also loved their recipe). I told the husband we’re heading to Tiny Kitchen which is just a few meters away.

Gambas Al Ajillo at Tiny Kitchen Davao is a must try for those who love shrimps in garlic sauce like I do! Chef Vincent Rodriguez’s version of Gambas Al Ajillo as I have tried it before is really worth raving for.

Gambas A La Jillo at Tiny Kitchen Davao

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