Brazo Cheesecake of Dulce Vida at Tiny Kitchen

IMG_20150221_194236Brazo Cheesecake of Dulce Vida at Tiny Kitchen

A taste of heaven tonight in this delicious cake combination of brazo and cheesecake, both favorites for dessert by many people I know, in this brazo cheesecake that was delightful surprise as it was served to our table after a sumptuous and delicious dinner at the newly opened Dulce Vida next to Tiny Kitchen.

If there is marriage made in heaven for cakes, this brazo de mercedes and cheesecake must be one of those. It ain’t too overwhelmingly sweet but it was indeed the sweet dessert that was perfect to satisfy that craving for tonight with less guilt when you are trying to diet. We love eating it when it has been chilled.

Dulce Vida’s brazo de mercedes is a fave of mine. I remember ordering a whole roll before during the holiday season and I somehow had a hard time not consuming the whole roll in just one day with my little boy’s help way back then. I do recall now that Ms. Donna’s frozen chocolate brazo de mercedes was included in the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s 25 Best Desserts of 2010.

Thank you Ms. Donna for such as delicious and delightful treat saving me from being undecided of what to have for dessert. I wanted to skip dinner and just go straight for dessert but who am I to resist the temptation of eating our old time fave gambas ala jillo of Tiny Kitchen that hubby ordered. Oh yes it is too good and delicious not to eat it as main dish while we share with our little guy’s order of chorizo y tomate which is also our all time fave there.

Now am back home and it’s really late at night and I am craving to eat it once again. We all deserve to indulge in a yummy treat after all once in awhile so am sneaking into our ref and taking one bite of it, just one. I promise! *wink*

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