Savour The Silk Road Iced Coffee at Marco Polo Hotels

Marco Polo Hotels introduces the Silk Road Iced Coffee as a drink especially coffee lovers can savor and get excited about when they visit the premier hotel right in the heart of Davao City.

Savour The Silk Road Iced Coffee at Marco Polo Hotels DavaoCreated from overnight-infused coffee flavoured with cinnamon syrup and milk, the Iced Coffee consists of a blended frappuccino poured into a swirled, chocolate-glazed glass symbolizing the roads well-travelled of the Silk Road.

Savour The Silk Road Iced Coffee at Marco Polo Hotels DavaoTopped with marshmallow, burnt gold-peaked meringues are flambée-finished by blow torch, emanating the sun-glinting mountains along the legendary route. The iced beverage will be presented with a fresh cookie smothering marshmallows and chocolate between Graham crackers, warmed to perfection, inviting guests to explore the history of the Silk Road.

Philippe Caretti Vice President for Operations of Wharf Hotels - Savour The Silk Road Iced Coffee at Marco Polo Hotels Davao“We are delighted to unveil the next in the series of our signature beverages for Marco Polo Hotels. The Silk Road Iced Coffee was created during a competitive contest of fabulously designed and deliciously different coffees originated by our General Managers. The combination of iced coffee and warmed cinnamon cookies will make it one of the most appealing and flavourful drinks for our savvy guests and connoisseurs of culture, said Mr Philippe Caretti, Vice President Operations, Wharf Hotels.

Their Signature Earl Grape Iced Tea was a success so Marco Polo Davao launched another signature beverage, the Silk Road Iced Coffee which will now fall part of Marco Polo-wide signature items.

Last August 30, special event partners and media friends participated and did tasks at the 5 pit stops for the Silk Road Journey that made me think more that I was taking part of a mini Amazing Race with fellow Davao Digital Influencers, bloggers and good friends from the media at a pre-launch event.

The five “pit stops” of our Silk Road journey yesterday…The second stop was challenging for me.  Thank goodness to the kind soul of Chito who was my seatmate at Eagle’s Bar that helped me get through  the puzzle game quicker.  Ms. Dottie and Ms. Pearl were teasing me I will lose the race because I took time to take photos and videos.  It was fun after all!

I had fun talking to the male staff above who played the role of a trader!

Marco Polo Davao made us experience a unique event where we had to do tasks for the 5pit stops on the Silk Road journey. It was like a mini Amazing Race. It was a surprise and overall it was fun!

But the guys were competitive and they won. You should have seen them play at the last stop. 

Marco Polo Davao General Manager Dottie Wurgler-Cronin poses with the hotel staff all dressed-up for the launch event in the photo below.

Here is another photo below of GM Ms. Dottie (1st from left) and Ms. Pearl Maclang (2nd from left) pose with the other beautiful and hard-working ladies of Marco Polo Davao including Ms. Sarah Mama (rightmost) and Ms. Jeline Mariz Gison (3rd from right).

Lawrence showed us how they make the Silk Road iced coffee.Beginning this Friday, September 1 the public will enjoy this new drink in any of Marco Polo’s restaurants and bars at Php260.00 nett.

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