About a week ago, I was actually looking for a document scanning software that I could really find very useful in my project of going paperless or at least as much as possible here at home when it comes to important documents such as bills and statements, receipts, etc. However I really got hungry just in time that we should be having dinner in about an hour’s time that day. I was trying to think of where we can have dinner that night but then it started raining so we are stuck at home which could be a blessing in disguise because I and the little one were both tired already that time.

So we ended up calling McDelivery. It’s a miracle actually since we have not called this food delivery service for quite a long while trying to avoid it. We are just cautious with the little one eating their fries again after he developed some kind of allergy or hives last month which the pedia said was something he ate  and we thought it may be the fries from them at that time the only thing he ate then. Though we are not that certain. It appeared again a few hours after he had their fries during lunch that day. Given the benefit of the doubt it may be something else. Anyway, I hope it’s nothing serious and will go away in time since the meds are really expensive. We still went on with the food delivery, and I noticed they have a new packaging for their box for their Chicken McDo. We still manage to enjoy our simple dinner courtesy of McDelivery.

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