Starbucks Opens 3rd Branch in Davao City at SM Lanang Premier on October 14, 2012

Starbucks opens its third branch in Davao City at the so-called flat cafe of SM Lanang Premier today October 14, 2012.

Since we were planning to check out something at SM Lanang Premier and we have a grocery errand to do at the supermarket, we headed to SMLA after attending the Sunday afternoon mass. It was ironic that when I almost forgot about the opening, someone from another coffee shop unintentionally reminded me yesterday that they will open today.

Curious as to how they will design their newest store in the flat cafe concept of SMLA was something that we have been looking forward to since we heard about the news a few months before that they will occupy this flat cafe area above the atrium of the first SM Premier mall in Mindanao. Then just a few days ago, they unveiled the look of the store…

┬á(All photo credits to ┬ę

Then they opened today. Just sharing some more photos taken today… check them out. ­čÖé

Most of the baristas here are originally from their Abreeza branch and some we have also seen from their SM Davao Annex branch. We have not been to any of the branches for quite sometime. It’s nice to see most of them here at their newest branch at SMLA.

Now excuse me if I didn’t get this shot straight. *wink*

This spot is probably the most ‘private’ place you could find in this flat cafe since the rest of the place are open and ‘exposed’ to anyone looking on to the flat cafe around the mall. Unless you go inside SB but of course that is off-limits to customers. *wink*

During our short stay there, I noticed people have different likes when it comes to the seats and the arrangement. It’s good that there are more choices here giving people varied choices of where they want to seat. We like this area… aside of course that you got the store name written there.

A view from afar (above)… then a view from afar but much closer this time (below).

They have no daily local and national papers yet. Hope they’ll have a supply soon. I hope they will have their own free WIFI connection soonest. SMLA wifi is almost always wonky for me. I had to rely on our Globe 3G but I want to save my Globe load so it will be better if there’s a reliable and fast WIFI connection that is FREE. We’d love that.

A view of Forever 21 store below from the Starbucks flat cafe.

Decors on the wall.

Enjoyed sharing a cup of hot Salted Caramel Mocha which was hubby’s choice. I’ll have my dose of mint blend full leaf tea tomorrow. Promise!

┬á(All photo credits to ┬ę

So how was your first Starbucks experience at the flat cafe in SM Lanang Premier? Share by leaving a comment below if you like. *wink*

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