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Davao’s Home Grown Bistro Selera Opens at SM Lanang Premier

 Davao’s Home Grown Bistro Selera Opens at SM Lanang Premier

Selera opened a new bistro style dining at SM Lanang Premier last November 9, 2012 at the second floor of the Fountain Court. Bistro Selera, as their new resto is called, aims to build and level up the Mindanao brand restaurant on a regional specialty with service that has leveled up as well. The bistro looks different from their Kusina Selera as it has a more modern Filipino bistro look.

Davao's Home Grown Bistro Selera Opens at SM Lanang Premier

Bistro Selera is one of the few local and home-grown restaurants that were invited by SM Lanang Premier to open up a restaurant at the newest dining as well as shopping and lifestyle hub in Davao City and in Mindanao. They offer bistro style casual dining but with individual serving of dishes now. They still have majority of the dishes that are served in Kusina Selera (which was part of the Sooo Pinoy Food Trip event in Kusina Selera Davao that I attended a few months ago) but they have added more dishes that are only served there at the new Bistro. The all-time favorites are here plus a line up of new sumptuous dishes. Their menu in the Bistro will have revolving specialties from time to time aside from the dishes shown in their menu. There will be something new in the menu each week according to the owner and to the operations manager.

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Sooo Pinoy Food Trip na Pilipinas in Davao City at Kusina Selera

Kusina Selera Legaspi Suites Pelayo Davao City

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I remember visiting Kusina Selera once with my boys but that was quite a long while ago. It was a place I heard then from someone I knew. This time around I am back not with my boys but with the Sooo Pinoy team during the Davao leg of the tour.

It was the first stop for Day 4 of our week-long food tour in Davao. Here is what they prepared for the team to try…

Their best-seller… Crispy Pata which was crispy and really juicy… I loved it. That’s why it is one of their best-selling dishes in their menu. Filipinos dining out usually have crispy pata on their table in any resto that serves this Filipino dish.

Kusina Selera Crispy Pata

Their sweet Chicken Binakol… I’d love to have this on our next food trip back to Kusina Selera.

Kusina Selera Chicken Binakol

And here is their crispy tadyang (beef) and true to how it is described, it was indeed very crispy!
Kusina Selera crispy tadyang (beef)

Tuna Sisig… it’s made spicy with pepper and I love this dish! I loved the flavor of the dish as I tasted it. My hubby who loves sisig would surely love this.
Kusina Selera

This was not even our lunch yet and more of a brunch. I was already getting full with their delicious Filipino dishes but I could not resist eating more as we chatted while enjoying the food they prepared for us. Who would say no to these delicious dishes when we have just started another long day of food tripping in Davao. I’ll bring my boys back here and let them try these delicious Filipino dishes. I would like to try next time their Sizzling Bagaybay wrapped in bacon with loads of crispy garlic… also great when downed with freezing cold beer but we don’t drink so we’ll eat it as is.

Kusina Selera as I once read is a great and cozy place to dine for people whether local and tourists alike who are looking for traditional Filipino comfort food to unique Filipino dishes. It is located in the heart of Davao City at the Legaspi Suites, a compound where you’d find a white ancestral house in the middle of it. I remember the first time I visited this resto, I liked the interiors in as much as I like the feel of Legaspi Suites especially when it was still quite new then. I’d like to come back here again with my boys and my old friends who would like to try their Filipino cuisine.

Kusina Selera’s known best-selling dishes are said to be the crispy tadyang and crispy pata. Hmmmm just the thought of this popular Filipino dishes makes me oh so hungry again if not craving for them right now as I write this post. 

They also have the famous signature dessert buchitaw which is a unique fusion of the Chinese buchi and palitaw. I got to try it before we left the resto… must try.

Kusina Selera Legaspi Suites Pelayo Davao City

Kusina Selera Legaspi Suites Pelayo Davao City

Kusina Selera is located at the right side entrance of Legaspi Suites Compound 115 P. Pelayo Street, Davao City. They also deliver rice toppings but for a limited coverage area only from 11AM to 5PM.

Telephone number: (082) 221 2695

Facebook page:

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This epic food trip in Davao City from June 25-29, 2012 is part of Unilever Food Solutions’ Sooo Pinoy campaign, in partnership with the Department of Tourism, to make more Filipinos aware of the richness and diversity of our cultural heritage with our Filipino dishes and cuisine in the Philippines and for this leg featuring the local dishes may it be their traditional versions or unique yet delicious fusion of Filipino cuisine that are popular in Davao City. Thank you Unilever Food Solutions for making us a part of this epic Davao food trip!

To know more about the campaign, please do visit the Sooo Pinoy Facebook Page and follow @SoooPinoy on Twitter.

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