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New York’s Finest

yellow cab pizza new york's finest flavorWhen you have this New York’s Finest pizza from Yellow Cab right at your dinner table, I get to think of those thermogenic fat burners I was reading on awhile ago too! Hubby said go ahead eat, just make sure you run in the treadmill for five minutes after.

Oh well might as well give that a try. No running for me, just walking and I may be still so full from eating this faved pizza flavor of ours. Actually my tummy is already full with just one slice of this. This is just a treat we seldom do these days but we got to give in sometimes especially for me and the boys who love YC’s New York’s Finest!

While Waiting

We cannot decide where to go for dinner out and I am just too tired and not feeling well to go out anyway. So we decided to go for pizza delivery. While waiting for our pizza plus ham and cheese calzone courtesy of Yellow Cab, I decided to do some window shopping.

With Mother’s day next month, I thought of looking for gift ideas for moms. I saw these stackable rings among the jewelry fashion trends for moms. These are actually rings just put together on top of each other. Many moms get a ring with each of their child’s names on each of it. Continue reading

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