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This colorful Filipino dessert made me think once again that I wanted to change the theme of this blog to something as or more colorful than this fave dish which some may call as root crops and fruit stew. This dish in the photo though were more of the colorful tapioca pearls as some people would call it and less of the root crops and fruits. Nevertheless it was a filling dessert for my hungry tummy then and just enjoyed eating this colorful snack I had one afternoon. Continue reading

Davao Food Trippers

Hello everyone! You have stumbled upon the new blog of two food trippers from Davao City – C, T and CT who have made food trips somehow a regular habit as long as we have money to pay for what we eat and when there is free food to eat… lol! We have made eating like a vice that we can never let go of and don’t wanna let go of. Food trip is an adventure we would want to enjoy in life.

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