Davao Food Trippers

Hello everyone! You have stumbled upon the new blog of two food trippers from Davao City – C, T and CT who have made food trips somehow a regular habit as long as we have money to pay for what we eat and when there is free food to eat… lol! We have made eating like a vice that we can never let go of and don’t wanna let go of. Food trip is an adventure we would want to enjoy in life.

Join us as we go on with our ordinary lives while doing some food trips along the way. We will be sharing here our own adventure of the food trips we had in the past and will be having in the future. We have been wanting to create a blog of our so-called food trips in the past and finally we were inspired by Blogie’s Davao Food Trip which we first attended as a couple, tagging along then our baby CT, during it’s 4th leg at Salutti. We cannot say no to food for it is a grace from God. So come here often and join us in our food trips!!!!

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3 thoughts on “Davao Food Trippers”

  1. Makalingaw man ni kaayo. I have never thought of that…to blog about the places we eat. But then again, it would be one boring blog. It would read like this: McDonalds again today, just like yesterday and the day before. The kids like the playplace. We have ocassional Chuck E Cheese trips, but those cost a fortune as all 5 kids wants tokens. LOL. I like this blog idea very much.

  2. We look forward to visiting davao. Your restaurant reviews and photos will definitely give us some hints where to go. I have been away from Davao for 20 years and I am not so familiar with the new streets where the restaurants are located. I will be my husband’s tour guide I guess. He’s never been to the Philippines. We like to eat chinese food, italian, thai, some vietnamese, and of course filipino food especially lechon and sisig. Any restaurant there that serves buffet?

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