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Seda Abreeza is FESTIVE AT FIVE this Kadayawan 2018

Seda Abreeza continues to celebrate its 5th anniversary celebration this 2018 with the much awaited Kadayawan Festival. Your urban lifestyle hotel in Davao City  has partnered with Philippine Eagle Foundation, TADECO, as well as with Malagos Cheeses and Malagos Chocolates to make it a more delightful and festive Kadayawan 2018 for everyone especially their valued clients, hotel guests and tourists.

The hotel has come up with its own exciting offerings to match the hype with an on-going tradition for the sustainability and preservation of wildlife for its room promotions, along with a number of specialty drinks, dishes, and spreads with Davao’s finest products to enjoy as well.

Pre-Kadayawan Party Venue and Cocktails Setup (7)

Misto boasts its culinary prowess through its food and beverage offers. The two-year Philippine Tatler awardee for Best Restaurants has prepared an ala carte special filled with local favorites, presented with a touch of exquisite flavors.

Red Snapper Indulgence

First is Misto’s Pan-Seared Red Snapper Fillet with Malagos Blue Goat Cheese Sauce, which gives you a seafood indulgence topped with the creamy goodness of Davao’s renowned cheese available at 880 nett.

Kadayawan Crispy Prawns

Second is Misto’s bestseller – Crispy Prawns that takes a festive twist. Try this seafood favorite matched with mangosteen chili sauce this Kadayawan season available at Php 980 nett.

During the Kadayawan week, a bountiful dinner buffet will be served for all Misto diners.  The regularly offered ala carte dishes are already part of the said buffet from August 16-18, 2018, with a lot more courses included such as: Pomelo and Prawn Salad, Beef Shank Pochero with Saging na Saba, Malagos Cheeses, Durian Panna Cotta, Malagos Dark Chocolate Cheesecake, Banoffee Tart and more are on the menu.

Festive Flavors Promo (Kadayawan Dinner Buffet) (2)

Festive Flavors Promo (Kadayawan Dinner Buffet) (1)

Durian Panna Cotta

Kadayawan indulgence with the creamy durian flavor of these panna cotta dessert.

Banoffee Tart

Diners may avail this at Php 980 nett for adults, Php 580 nett for kids 7-12, and free for kids 6 and below.

The all-day dining restaurant’s specialty promotions come with an authentic Davao taste as Seda partners with Malagos Cheese and Malagos Chocolates.

Malagos Chocolate Board (2)

Malagos Chocolate Board (1)

Malagos Cheese and Chocolate Boards (1)

Malagos Cheese Board

A Malagos Cheese platter promotion is available at Php 800 nett all month long for a cheesy celebration I must say!

Malagos Cheese Platter

It is best paired with Misto’s Wine of the Quarter, Jean Guillot Château Bouteilley 2015 – a Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon at Php 1580 nett.

Malagos Chocolates and TADECO’s export-quality bananas come in one smooth Choco Banana Blend, available at Php 380 nett.

Choco Banana Blend

For cocktails, Kadayawan Martinis will give you a splash of color to fit the festive season:

Kadayawan Martinis

Sky Martini, Harvest Martini, and Pomelo Martini – each available at Php 280 nett. Cheers!

To make the celebration complete, cultural performances will also be shown in Misto on the 3rd week of August which features Madayaw Cultural Ensemble.

Madayaw Cultural Ensemble performs at Seda Abreeza's Pre-Kadayawan Party (2)For further inquiries and reservations, please contact (082) 244 3000 or (082) 322 8888 or send an email to dvo@sedahotels.com.

Madayaw Davao and enjoy the Kadayawan sa Davao festivities!


Chef JP Anglo’s Roasted Dalandan Chicken with Pimiento Sauce in AirAsia Philippines’ Santan In-flight Menu

Chef JP Anglo's Roasted Dalandan Chicken with Pimiento Sauce in AirAsia Philippines' Santan In-flight Menu IMG_20180405_184009

AirAsia Philippines has launched a new dish by Chef Jayps, the celebrity and Rockstar Chef known for creating dishes with strong local Filipino identity. The launch was held on April 5, 2018 at the Koi Cafe in Malagos Garden Resort in Davao City attended by Davao Digital Influencers and Media.

Chef JP Anglo's Roasted Dalandan Chicken with Pimiento Sauce in AirAsia Philippines' Santan In-flight Menu IMG_20180406_002459_243

Chef Jayps’ new dish called Roasted Dalandan Chicken with Pimiento Sauce will be included in AirAsia Philippines Santan in-flight menu starting this April 12 in collaboration with Chef Jayps. AirAsia guests this summer has a new meal to enjoy in-flight. The dish uses internationally recognized Malagos Chocolate in 72% dark chocolate and will be included with the other Santan hot meals served in the AirAsia flights like the Asean favorites: Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rice (which according to Chef Jayps is his fave in the menu), and Thai Green Curry. The Nasi Lemak is my fave in the Santan menu.

Chef Jayps said that “I am incredibly happy and excited to share my first dish especially made for an airline and I love that AirAsia is literally taking Filipino home grown products and talents to greater heights.”

Chef JP Anglo's Roasted Dalandan Chicken with Pimiento Sauce in AirAsia Philippines' Santan In-flight Menu IMG_20180405_180144

AirAsia Philippines CEO Captain Dexter Comendador said, “AirAsia is a sociable and innovative brand we take pride of our collaborative nature. There is so much talent and unique products in the Philippines especially in Davao that deserve the world’s attention and it brings us so much pride that we are with Chef JP, Malagos Chocolates and social entrepreneurs who all value a strong, innovative service culture – which is also the hallmark of AirAsia’s brand of service.”

“We value customer experience at all points of the journey – from the purchase of the ticket to leaving the airport, on board, and onto the destination. This latest enhancement in our in-flight  menu makes flying with us also a delightful dining experience,” Captain Comendador said.

Guests of AirAsia are encouraged to pre-book their meals to save up to 20% compared to purchasing on board as it also guarantees that their choice of meal from the Santan menu is available. However, guests who booked without meals can still avail by adding it via the “Manage MyBooking” option after logging in to www.airasia.com.


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