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Davao Food Crawl at Blah Blah Blah by The Good Food Co

On my second weekend with the Davao Food Crawl, I was able to join the team at the Blah Blah Blah by the Good Food Co located at the JJ Commune Compound along Loyola Street in Bo. Obrero here in Davao City.


Blah Blah Blah by The Good Food Co. is one homegrown resto that we often pass by but have not really dined in yet with my boys.  Since a few months ago, I would see this resto’s name through the foodpanda app when I would search for new restos to order from and I saw that The Good Food Co has taken over.


Only last  Saturday, March 16 was I able to try them for the first time and here’s what we had at @Blah3xPH!

Appetizer Greatest Hits – a chorus of TGFC’s fave appetizers: chicken tenders, chicken quesadilla, buffalo wings and fish fingers in mayo garlic and aioli sauce for dips. Said to be good for sharing for 4 people.

Shrimps in Gochujang Sandwich is one unique sandwich that you wanna try if you are a seafood person. Served with house made crispy potato chips and house salad.

Poutine in Curry Cream Sauce – Crispy fries covered in a creamy curry sauce then topped with red onions and your choice of meat floss (chicken, pork, beef, fish)

French Onion Soup is something that I wanna have when I don’t feel well inside and need some warm soup for comfort. That’s slowly simmered onion in butter and beef stock topped with Gruyere cheese


Greek Pizza is a combination of tomatoes, black olives, feta cheese (a staple in Greek cuisine), and olive oil. Enjoy it while it’s still warm.

Ribs in Malt Vinegar & Tamarind with Sauteed Mushrooms is a hearty dish to enjoy when at Blah3x!

Deep fried premium pork ribs cut marinated in malt vinegar and tamarind topped with mushrooms and oyster sauce.

Seafood Pasta in Tomatoes and and Coconut Milk that has a hint of spicy kick for those pasta lovers out there. Fettucine pasta with squid, shrimps and tuna sauteed in tomatoes and garlic in coconut milk.  A chef’s special and a must-try!


Shrimps in Chili and Coconut Sauce in Cajun Rice is a nice combination of seafood and flavored rice for comfort meal any day for me.

For desserts, we tried two of TGFC’s bestsellers!


Chocolate Nibbler with creme de Chantilly – an old Ledesma family recipe made from native chocolate, grahams and milk topped with creme chantilly!


Their Apple Crumble was a delightful dessert to enjoy for sharing or for your own indulgence. Warm stewed apples topped with butter crumbles and their home made vanilla ice cream. I guess this became everyone’s instant fave!


Blah Blah Blah by The Good Food Co is your place to go when you looking for good comfort food with good company. They are with foodpanda by the way, in case you want their food delivered instead at home or in your work place.

Davao Food Crawl at Katsu Country

Katsu Country is one homegrown Davao City resto that has been memorable for me because of its beautifully lit interiors especially at night and its design making it a cozy place to dine in with your family, friends, colleagues, fellow foodies, your special someone or even alone on your own solo foodtrip for a taste of Japan right here in the city.


They serve Japanese inspired cuisine specializing on tonkatsu dishes.  They are loved by their regular diners for their katsu and desserts aside of course from the nice and soothing ambiance in the resto.

When we dined there for the Davao Food Crawl by the Davao Digital Influencers, I first had dessert. Yes as my food blogger idol’s blog name says – dessert comes first!

Their Cheese Gyoza (P120) is a simple yet delightful cheesy fried gyoza dish you can enjoy eating and sharing with a good friend. It is served with real tomato sauce. As they would say it will remind you of a childhood fave snack. What do you have in mind? Let me know. 🙂


Katsu Country is known in Davao as the home of the Shibuya Toast, a beautiful dessert that is meant to be shared with a friend.

They have flavor variants for this dessert. One of which is the Choco Hazelnut – chocolate spread with chocolate balls. Even just by looking at it, you could already taste its delightful chocolate flavor. May I ask how many minutes will it take you to take snaps of this for Instagram? Don’t make it wait for too long. Or perhaps your friends will be digging in even before your done. Indulge in it before the ice cream melts my dear foodie friends.


Then they also have the Strawberry Shibuya Toast. I agree with many of you that this one is beautiful and too pretty to eat as some would say!


Its is their house-made toast served with honey syrup and vanilla ice cream. This one has slices of preserved strawberries.

Snap right away for Instagram, save it for posting later and immediately indulge in this beautiful dessert. It is meant to be enjoyed in your mouth and not just for a feast for your foodie eyes.


Other choices are original honey with cream cheese, blueberry, or peaches and creamcheese.

They also have other desserts such as the matcha overload (an old fave), matcha cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake, black sesame sans rival, brownie ala mode and other desserts to choose from.

Close your eyes and savor the flavor of these desserts.

Done with desserts first, I next tried their best seller Menchi Katsu Burger (P190).


This one for me is meant to be shared as well. It is breaded and deep friend juicy ground beef patty with fresh lettuce and shredded cabbage in between burger buns that are house-made. The potato chips served on the side are also house-made. I enjoyed the taste of the beef patty. If you are craving for a burger, then try this one at Katsu!

The Shrimp Katsu was right beside me on the table. I wouldn’t miss tasting this one for sure. It has 4 pieces of breaded succulent prawns served with squash croquette hidden underneath the prawns and shredded cabbage.


The Okonomiyaki (P139) is what they call the Japanese pizza, a healthier version of pizza for me.


This one is made with bacon, eggs and cabbage. It is drizzled with their house made tonkatsu sauce and Japanese mayo.


A new fave dish that night was their Tomatodon. A simple yet delightful katsu with their signature tomato sauce and cheese makes this dish, as they call it, a fusion of Japanese and Italian.


It has added sauteed ingredients. This is meant for those who loves tomato and katsu together.

When looking for drinks to enjoy at Katsu Country, they have handcrafted milkshakes.


Perk up your day with sweetness from this Coffee Caramel Milkshake, a mixed drink of aromatic coffee, milk and velvety cream. Topped with rich caramel.


Strawberry Banana Milkshake, a refreshing taste of banana and strawberry combined. Though the banana taste overpowered the strawberry with this one we had. Not bad at all since I love to eat bananas and I love milk shakes. Without the cream topping, this one is good after being out there under the summer heat. If in season, you can enjoy Davao’s King of fruits, durian milkshake when it is available.

Now this one is last but not the least. Their red iced tea that refreshed and quenched my thirst that day.



Katsu Country Resto

“A Japanese inspired café, specializing on tasty tonkatsu dishes.
This katsuretsu and café brings you to the trendy streets
& fun culture of Harajuku!”


It has a nice and modern design for its facade.  You can see the resto located in the ground floor and view the furniture office of the owner Architect EJ Pasia.


This bike which is now covered with vines with flowers greets you “Welcome” as you arrive at and about to enter the resto.


The first time my boys and I dined there was way back in May 2017 when they had just opened for more than a month. I could still remember that my boys and I enjoyed sharing their matcha overload dessert during that foodtrip. I got to chat online with the owner then, the talented architect named EJ Pasia. I just got to meet the owner personally recently during our visit at the resto. It’s nice to be back to this resto and this time with fellow Davao foodies and food bloggers from DDI for the ongoing Davao Food Crawl.

I love the ambiance especially when dining there at night.


My fave spot inside the resto since we first visited it…


This below is the inner part of the resto.


Katsu Country has a small function room that can accommodate  around 8-12 persons. Rate is at P3,500 consumable.


The lamp hanging there above the table is by Kenneth Cobonpue, a famous Filipino industrial designer from Cebu.


Loving their cool decorated menu books covers.

#KatsuCountry is located at the ground floor of Junction Building at
1059 Emilio Jacinto Extension, Poblacion District, Davao City.  It is across Mercury Drug Arellano branch and near Central Bank.


They are open from 11:00AM to 9:30PM all week long Monday to Sunday. For reservations, contact mobile number: 0995 478 5305.

I hope they will become part of foodpanda too soon. While dining there at the resto is really nice, sometimes we can’t have time to actually go there but would love to enjoy their food at home.

We had a side trip and quick tour of EJ Pasia’s furniture office just above the resto.


Arch. EJ Pasia designed the awesome Pakighinabi Hall of the Calungsod – San Vitores Jesuit – Lay Collaboration Center, Jacinto Campus of Ateneo De Davao University. I may have not seen it with my own eyes but looking at the photos online, it is an awesome work by a talented architect indeed.

It was nice to have that quick tour. If you followed @Davaofoodtrip on Instagram, you must have seen my IG stories of that tour.


He designed what is called the Pompom chair which is seen inside the #PBBOtso house of Big Brother. It is outside near the ladies room. Also that big colorful sofa chair inside the PBB confession room.



Follow him at @EJPasiaFurniture on Facebook.

Davao Food Crawl at 1953 Kusina Leticia

Davao Food Crawl at 1953 Kusina Leticia

1953 Kusina Leticia Davao Food Crawl

1953 Kusina Leticia is one of Davao’s homegrown restaurants located in the south area of the city at Rapaz Building, 10 Juna Avenue, Juna Subdivision, Matina, Davao City.  It is beside Tsuru Japanese resto, near Values School, also in front of PruLife and Kitsune Japanese resto .

1953 Kusina Leticia Davao Food CrawlThe resto ambiance is nice and perfect for a modern Filipino restaurant for people and families to dine in especially on Sundays or for special occasions. 1953 Kusina Leticia Davao Food Crawl I got to visit 1953 Kusina Leticia for the first time last July 2018 where I met the owners brothers Christian and Raymond De La Paz.  The brothers are from the known family in Davao who had a big house right beside the resto in Juna Subdivision. Christian manages the family restaurants including Tsuru and Hanoi, while Raymond manages the Casa Leticia Hotel and Leticia by the Sea resort.  They opened the 1953 Kusina Leticia resto in August 2017 in the location where the swimming pool of the Robillo house used to be.

I still remember their must-try crispy pata kare-kare…

You can view my Facebook page photo album of that visit by clicking this link >>>  1953 Kusina Leticia.

It is nice to be back there once again, this time with another set of foodie friends. This time it is part of the Davao Food Crawl by the Davao Digital Influencers (DDI) to support and promote our local and homegrown restaurants in Davao City.

We were there past lunch time last Sunday afternoon perhaps to avoid the busy Sunday lunch crowd. The few remaining guests during lunch were leaving as my friend mommy Karen and I arrived at their resto. Hence, we have the place almost to ourselves and it was more quiet to enjoy the food they served to us.


We enjoyed their Sisig Nachos, which are made of corn tortilla topped with crispy bits of sisig (makes me think of crispy chopped bagnet) plus chimichurri and cheese sauce for dips… while chatting away on a delightful Sunday afternoon spent with fellow foodies.


Then there’s their crispy pata kare-kare, deconstructed and served with veggies, their creamy kare-kare sauce and delicious bagoong.


The crispy pata was chopped and devoured especially by our friends – the younger ones in particular.


Then, last but not the least, was the sizzling hot Bulalo Steak that they served on our table.  The gravy was still bubbling in the photo. The beef was tenderlicious. Look at that beef bone marrow calling out to us and I could not resist to the temptation. Now how I wished we had that half cup of rice. Even just for me. LOL!


For dessert, we had their Tablea Cake which is one of the most indulgent cakes we’ve tried in the city. It was served with a scoop vanilla ice cream and garnished with mango, grapes and mint leaves.


Regular P1,165 | Mini P495
For orders, you may call them at (082) 225 3716.

Aside from their Tablea Truffle Cake, they also have Durian Cheesecake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Queso de bola Cheesecake, Chocochip Cheesecake, Oreo Cheesecake, Matcha Almond Cheesecake, and Mango Float. Their famous Durian Pie from Sagay is also a fave… must-try!


By the way, they also serve your favorite Filipino breakfasts which is available all day and all Pamahaw dishes come served with egg and rice. I also would recommend their 1953 Pomelo Salad which is a fave of mine there.

Make memories and level up your family lunch or dinner by dining out with your family and friends at 1953 Kusina Leticia. If you are looking for a local and homegrown Filipino restaurant with a nice ambiance and good food, this modern Filipino restaurant is one good place to dine with your family, friends or even with just your special someone.

They have two functions rooms on the mezzanine floor which can accommodate about 10 – 100 people for small meetings, parties, birthdays, baptismal, family gatherings, intimate wedding receptions, seminars, workshops or corporate events.

Facebook & Instagram: @1953KusinaLeticia
Open daily from 11:00AM to 10:00PM.

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