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4th Davao Chocolate Festival Opens October 12 at SM City Davao Annex

Chocolate Festival opens October 12 at SM City Davao

4th Davao Chocolate Festival Opens October 12 at SM City Davao Annex
The 4th Davao Chocolate Festival will open a 4-day celebration of the city’s cacao and its products on October 12, 2017 at the Annex Event Center of SM City Davao in Quimpo Boulevard.

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Malagos Chocolate Museum Opens at Malagos Garden Resort

Chocoholics and chocolate lovers rejoice! The Malagos Garden Resort of the Puentespina family in Malagos, Baguio District opened the doors of the Malagos Chocolate Museum to the public on March 08, 2017.

Malagos Chocolate Museum in Malagos Garden Resort Davao City

On its 22 years of service focusing on ecotourism and agritourism, with icons such as Bird Park, Butterfly Sanctuary and Malagos Chocolates here in Davao City, the Puentespinas proudly offers us  a place where to learn and educate ourselves about chocolates, and experience fun making chocolate bar.

A novel attraction that aims to reinforce the company’s advocacy to support local premium, and put the Malagos brand in the chocolate map of the Philippines and in the world. It is said to be the first chocolate museum in the Philippines.

DavaoFoodTripS.com | Tree to bar experience - Malagos Chocolate Museum Opens at Malagos Garden Resort IMG_20170308_181808_942

My boys and I were blessed to be among those who had the first glimpse through an exclusive tour on that day before the public opening. Grateful for Ms. Charisse Puentespina’s invite! 🙂

The Puentespina’s Malagos Chocolates from Davao City have become popular and has continued to gain recognition even abroad.

Our farm, Malagos, takes its name from malakas na agos, which means “strong flow of water”. It is located along the equator where cacao thrives best. Here, the soil, the sun, the climate – our environment – come together to create the unique terroir that gives our beans their identity, an individuality that cannot be replicated anywhere in the world.

Cacao beans sourced from our unique terroir and singular locale carry with them a more distinctive and pronounced taste. Chocolate connoisseurs know that exceptional chocolate is one that can trace its origins and can be produced consistently.
We are proud to say that ours is single-origin chocolate.
Our beans come from only our farms and its immediate environs,from small farmers who also care for their trees themselves. We teach them good agricultural practices so that we get the beans that give us good chocolate. We observe fair trade to make sure everyone benefits from what we believe are one of the best.

Read these below and get to know more about Malagos Chocolate…[2]Malagos Chocolates[1]Malagos Chocolate Museum at Malagos Garden Resort

You may visit www.malagoschocolate.com for more information.

When in Davao at the Malagos Chocolate Museum, for P400 per 200 grams, you can make your own chocolates with various fillings and bring them home as well.

DavaoFoodTripS.com | Make your own chocolate with fillings of your choice | Malagos Chocolate Museum Opens at Malagos Garden Resort IMG_20170308_154751 That is if you don’t finish eating them as soon as you get these in your hands while still inside the Malagos resort. For sure the kids and kids at heart within us would like to sample the chocolate you made. DavaoFoodTripS.com | 200 grams chocolate for P400 - Malagos Chocolate Museum Opens at Malagos Garden Resort IMG_20170308_163525 We had a heavy and delicious merienda buffet at the garden resort during the opening so I was able to resist eating them there plus they gave the pack to us as we were leaving the resort. Don’t forget to have their Malagos Cheeses too at the resort. I love Ms. Olive Puentespina’s mango chevre!

Now here’s a quick tour of this new Malagos Chocolate Museum that you should watch…

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There’s more to explore in the museum and around the garden resort for you and your family to enjoy exploring together, take photos of course and selfies too! Don’t forget to tag us in your social media posts!

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