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La Pizzeria Nel Tralizzio @Bistro Rosario Davao

We with my high school classmates had a class reunion last weekend and after our reunion, we hopped to one of my preggy classmate’s new fave place to eat theĀ  La Pizzeria Nel Tralizzio between Bistro Rosario Davao and the coffee shop named Cups and Lowercase at the Bistro Rosario Compound Torres Street, Davao City.

My boys and I have been here before but that was quite a long time ago and I cannot remember when that was. But I know now I liked their pizza. They have this oven clearly visible from the resto which one of my friends said looked like one of those… she used to see in some homes in the US and which are becoming increasingly popular there especially during the cold season. I remember browsing through one site before with such high quality and built to last outdoor fireplace that are easy to assemble, with models for any budget and with free shipping but for a limited time.

As with their pizza, I love their four cheese pizza, while my preggy classmate loves their marinara pizza which is great for seafood lovers and their garlic pepperoni pizza is worth a try too. You can call them at (082) 221 5610. I don’t think they deliver pizza. But I will try to bring my boys back here one day. You know what I wanna eat next time here? The Haagen Dazs super premium ice cream! Do you see it?

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