It’s the Season of Sharing with McDo’s McShare Box Bundle : It's the Season of Sharing with McDo's McShare Box BundleIt’s the Season of Sharing with McDo’s McShare Box Bundle!

Muchas gracias, McDo!

Thank you, LORD!

To make dining moments with families and loved ones more special, McDonald’s offers the new McShare Box that contains the best-tasting Chicken McDo. Each piece is sure to satisfy everyone’s chicken craving because the new and improved Chicken McDo is marinated, breaded, and fried to a golden perfection. It’s definitely juicier and tastier with just the right crunch! : It's the Season of Sharing with McDo's McShare Box Bundle

This box came as a blessing Friday of last week when hubby and I were both busy towards the end of another work week and yet we wanted to have a quick lunch date.  We ended up at McDo Abreeza to pick-up a bundle of blessing. : It's the Season of Sharing with McDo's McShare Box BundleThe box contains six (6) pieces and what was left were these that we took home for dinner since we already ate a few for a late lunch. 🙂 : It's the Season of Sharing with McDo's McShare Box BundleLove ko ‘tong new cup design of McDo with Falalala for the holidays! The bundle meant for sharing came with regular softdrinks which I shared with a few people there.

Choose between the McShare Box with 6-pc and 8-pc Chicken McDo to complement your tasty meals whether at the dining table or in your favorite McDonald’s restaurant. Ideal for groups of three or four persons, the McShare Box is also available in McShare Bundles wherein you can try Chicken McDo with rice, drinks, and the BFF Fries.

I didn’t get the BFF fries with my McDo bundle as I expected. It might be blessing in disguise that I found joy for what I got instead was something better! Six pieces of their Banana Pie Delight! Hubby was happy to take two of these to bring to the office for his snacks at work that afternoon.

You can also cap off each meal time with the new Banana Pie, McDonald’s treat that is made with a scrumptious mix of golden, flaky crust over sweet, creamy banana filling—truly a pie to make your day! : It's the Season of Sharing with McDo's McShare Box Bundle

Indeed what a delightful McDo surprise! I could already say “Love ko ‘tong pies na to!” especially when they are served warm (not hot) and that would have been perfect! The McShare bundle is perfect for sharing with your favorite people at home or at work. But surprisingly the joy of sharing this to people you don’t know brings a lot more meaningful joy in this season of sharing this Christmas!

As you celebrate the season of sharing with the ones you love, have a McShare Box with the best-tasting Chicken McDo, and the new Banana Pie anytime, especially during dinner, at McDonald’s stores nationwide. You can also grab them via Drive-Thru or McDelivery (86-2-36,, or the McDo PH app).

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