Unlimited Hot Jasmine Tea at Vikings Davao SM Lanang Premier

I’m craving for some hot tea right now but only have a chocolatte coffee to indulge in actually. Wish I can have unlimited hot  Jasmine Tea at Vikings Davao SM Lanang Premier right now to last me the whole day working today.

On my own personal experience, drinking hot tea seems to save me from ‘food coma’ or that low energy state that people experience after indulging to my food cravings and eating a large meal. They say it is a completely natural feeling of fatigue you get when you’ve finished eating a heavy meal. We often get that feeling each time we get to be blessed to indulge in dining and have a sumptuous, very tummy-filling food trip in any buffet restaurant here in the city or elsewhere. While most opt for coffee, I just usually go for drinking hot tea after eating when I feel ‘guilty’ and heavy after a heavy buffet meal.

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