Tealoca’s Taro Milk Tea with Egg Pudding


Finally the taro milk tea is available already at Tealoca Milk & Teas latest branch in Tionko, Davao City. The boys and I are hanging out this Friday night at this new branch. A much needed breather before the ‘bit stressful’ upcoming finals exam week of our dear little guy… then summer vacation begins!

Now cheers for this Taro Milk Tea with egg pudding from Tealoca’s Tionko branch! *wink*

Since they opened last February 18, 2015 I have been wanting to try their taro milk tea or anything with taro that they have. They have no stock of it until today.

I love ube ice cream if you are wondering. I love ube jam too. So I am happy to know that they finally have taro, often mixed up with ube as taro. My hubby who I shared this with was busy with something but being a man of few words, he really told me he liked it and that it’s delicious. I was thinking the taro taste could have been stronger but we love this as it is.


I chose egg pudding for sinkers since it has been a long while since I had egg pudding in a milk tea. I love their milk pudding sinker they used today! I have not tried it in Tealoca before but it taste really good for me. With their classic milk teas, you have the option to choose your preferred kind of sinkers without additional charge since it already includes sinkers.

I wish I can order another taro milk tea with egg pudding but being full from a delicious dinner at home before coming here, I guess that will have to wait perhaps tomorrow if ever we get to come back here or maybe next visit.  Love it too that we have the place to ourselves. It is great to do a little work right here too when the staff are quiet and there are no other customers. *wink*

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