DOTD: Starbucks’ Chocolate Chip Cream Frappuccino

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DOTD: Starbucks’ Chocolate Chip Cream Frappuccino

Our favorite frappuccino blended beverage especially when shared with our dear little guy whenever we get to visit Starbucks. They have somehow changed the taste and consistency. The little guy still likes and enjoys it anyway when he can have this frap.

This is quite a late post as this was supposed to be posted a couple of days ago but I got busy as a mom and with offline duties to attend to. Plus it’s December! TheĀ  merriest month of the year and the busiest to as I have many things in mind and I just remembered about that orchestra light that never needs its bulbs replaced and clips onto your music stand. We are off to the mall to look for that and how I wish it will be Abreeza where there is a Starbucks branch that we can pass by and possibly get another treat from the hubby for this particular DOTD.

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