Rekado Davao’s New Dishes for Valentine’s Day 2020

Rekado Davao’s New Dishes for Valentine’s Day 2020 hopes to win everyone’s hearts this V-Day and even beyond that date.


Restaurateur and Chef Pauline Benedicto Mallillin sees that Valentine’s Day is but a perfect time to spice up Rekado’s menu with new dishes which I think too that you will love when cooked and served right.

Rekado Davao Chef Pauline Benedicto Mallillin - WXLW5981

“It’s more Filipino food we all love but with a twist on it, which is how we present our version of comfort food since day 1,” said Chef Pauline and she adds, ” Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to introduce our new menu because we all know everyone will be out dining with their loved ones.”

Rekado Davao Filipino restaurant new dishes IMG_E6786

Now here are their new dishes you got to try which are made with love:

Rekado Davao Filipino restaurant new dishes IMG_E6758

An instant fave of most on our table…

Rekado Davao Filipino restaurant new dishes fried lapu lapu SLVB1319

Fried Lapu-Lapu with Honey Bagoong Glaze is one dish that I tasted first during our lunch there on February 7 along with other foodies in the city. It has a sweet and a little spicy bagoong glaze that adds flavor to the fried fish. It is served with some kropek that you can enjoy munching on while waiting for other food you have ordered or while enjoying the company of and chatting with your loved ones.

Rekado Davao Filipino restaurant new dishes Tagalog glazed chicken wings IMG_E6741

Tagalog Glazed Wings is one of the dishes that I almost skipped tasting since I am not really a chicken wings type of person. But since I have to taste and try all dishes to know and satisfy my curiosity, I took a chicken part that was included that was not exactly a wing part but has more meat into it. To my surprise it was more delicious than it looks. The flavor was really good for my taste. If it remains consistent then this dish will be a fave of diners there for sure especially for the many who love chicken wings. The chips for side dish is not to be taken for granted. Dig in while it is still there.

Rekado Davao Filipino restaurant new dishes chicken inasal IMG_E6782

Rekado’s Chicken Inasal is made of brined and marinated chicken quarters for twelve (12) hours in lemongrass, calamansi and soy sauce. This is one of the best tasting chicken inasal I have tasted! Made me say “Namit gid!” as I recall Chef JP Anglo who I follow on Instragram.

Rekado Davao Filipino restaurant new dishes Mindanao style beef IMG_E6748

Mindanao Style Beef was a dish that their male server made sure everyone had a taste of that lunch. He went around the table serving each of us with this dish. It is a flavorful braised dish. Their special spice paste is pan fried to bring out the flavor while the meat is braised very slowly in coconut milk to bring out more flavor. I may not be reaching out for more rice with this dish but I am just going to enjoy its glory in my mouth and savor its taste all on its own.

Rekado Davao Filipino restaurant new dishes Pancit Malabon IMG_E6740

Rekado’s Pancit Malabon was an answered prayer. My eyes lit up in silence as I spotted the dish coming out and being served to our table. I almost was not able to taste it and I had to have a strong courage to ask for the dish to be passed on to where I was seated. Because honestly I have been craving for luglug for quite sometime and this satisfies that for now.

Rekado Davao Filipino restaurant new dishes pancit malabon IMG_E6766 It has a generous serving of shrimps and sliced hard boiled egg as toppings. Don’t tell my doctor I indulged more on the toppings aside from the pancit that I almost finished on my own. Just goes to show, I am happy to indulge. This love month is reason enough perhaps to enjoy life more and go on a delicious food trip with your loved one(s) at Rekado!

Rekado Davao Filipino restaurant new dishes crispy pork strips with burong na hipon and KBL salsa IMG_E6744

Crispy Pork Strips with Burong Hipon and KBL salsa.

Well this dish is for the young and healthy I suppose. Just look at those pork strips thinly sliced and deep fried to a perfect crisp, served with their special burong hipon and lettuce for a wrap. It is also served with fermented rice and shrimp sauce that is is said to be made with love as it takes a week to prepare.


Need I say more? Just take an indulging bite and drink lots of hot tea after. Well at least for me.


Shrimp con Mayonesa with Crab Fat. This dish is beautiful to look at and it took me awhile to touch it and get a serving. Shrimp lovers will enjoy this dish. For a foodie friend of mine who has allergies, citirizine is her buddy after indulging in this kind of dish when dining out in a resto.


Morcon Style Beef Stew with Burnt Coconut was a dish that Sir Jing made sure we were all able to taste.

For dessert, I somehow felt that Christmas still lingers in the air all year round when you have their puto bumbong! Here in Davao, you can always find puto bumbong somewhere anytime of the year and not just Christmas. Rekado is one place to go for such indulgence with this purple rice cake steamed in bamboo tubes served with grated coconut and muscovado sugar. And do you see that margarine that peeking through well that makes this Filipino dessert more satisfying for your cravings!


Now if dining out at this time is not a good option for you, do you know that Rekado is in foodpanda food delivery service? There are also other delivery service you can try that may deliver food right into the comfort of your lovely home. However, I noticed when I checked my foodpanda app for Rekado, the dishes above we have tried are not on the app’s menu. So perhaps you can try another delivery service who can order any of the available dishes such as these new delicious ones on their resto menu. Or order and pick-up at the resto.

IMG_E6724 Rekado Davao Filipino restaurant new dishes

The idea of going out and dining at Rekado’s beautiful resto is always an open option even at this time in the city. The beautiful ambiance of the cozy resto is still worth going out with all your family and loved ones this Valentine’s Day and even beyond whether there may be a special occasion or simply dining out and exploring the food scene of the city for a fun food trip with a fun and loving company of your dear loves ones.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day / Month everyone! 🙂

Rekado Davao Filipino Comfort Cuisine Restaurant is located in E. Jacinto Extension, Davao City near Davao Central Convenience and Kopi Roti.

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