New Seafood Restaurant

Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant in Davao City - photo

About a week ago, I spotted this new seafood restaurant along F. Torres Street here in the city that I thought initially was a new branch of one of our favorite Chinese and seafood restaurant. But when I walked nearer, I saw the resto name signage more clearly and it is called Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant. Initially thought it’s Ahfat. Sounds a lot like it right. I searched online about it as I remembered about it while I was looking for great divide guitar online. I then found a similar name of a seafood and dimsum restaurant located in Singapore. I have no idea yet when they will open or if they have already opened as of this writing. I think they will be going after the date of opening before the Chinese New Year celebration.

We have been passing through this area since we noticed that they have started their construction. It is good to know that there is a new option for seafood restaurant for diners and food trippers in Davao City. The food scene in Davao especially along this specific area in Torres Street continues to grow. More options, more choices, more happy tummies and food trips for food trippers.


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