Moshi Manju Korean Cake

I was SM Lanang early yesterday since hubby dropped us off on his way to their office for an official travel. We were supposed to wait for time for a restaurant event around lunch there that later got cancelled. Since we were already there with my little one we decided to make the most of being there. We waited for the mall to open in an hour’s time and went around. We spotted Moshi Manju’s stall once again. We just found their stall the other day and my kid loved the chocolate flavored ones. We would love every bite. I am just trying to control his chocolate intake in any food as much as possible.

When we passed by Moshi Manju’s stall I bought the small box that contains 15 pieces of what they call Korean cake. It used to be my favorite and I used to buy at their Gaisano Mall and SM Davao branches. A small box of 15 pieces costs P60. When we got home, my kid was so excited to eat it. He ate almost all in a few minutes only. He ate it one after another until all that was left was one last piece and he tried to offer it to me. I was touched by his thoughtfulness because I know he was really hungry that time that is why also he finished all in no time.

With mother’s love I let him eat even the last piece. What was left for me was the box and I looked at their box it has a nice cover by the way. I don’t know but I somehow hesitated of throwing away the box at first thinking I could still be able to use it for something. Recycle and reuse it as they say. But when I looked inside and saw the smudge of chocolate I decided to dispose of it. But I took a photo of the box top cover before finally disposing of the small box. Speaking of cover, that just made me think that I had to remind my neighbor regarding their cover that was left outside their apartment.

Today I may be able to go to their nearest branch and buy another box. The one bigger than the small box perhaps so I could have my own little share in a few pieces. I have to admit it is quite delicious especially when it is freshly baked and still hot. Thinking about it now makes my tummy crave for it right now at this hour when I should be in bed sleeping actually. So much for Moshi Manju Korean cakes for now. Till I buy more again… later maybe.

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