Menu of Serenitea Davao

Menu of Serenitea Davao


They also serve the Serenitea Classic Snacks:

Hash brown, Pepper Tofu, Pepper Rounds, Chix on Sticks, Chicken Chops and Pepper Corn.

The last two items were mostly recommended by people I know who’ve tried Serenitea in Manila. We only tried their milk tea in Greenbelt and not their food a few years ago.


They have freshly brewed teas, Fruiteas, caffeine free drinks, chocolate drinks, ice cream drinks, matcha drinks and their classic milk teas.


They have Ice Cream Milk Teas:

Cookies & Cream, Dark Cocoa & Choco Cookies.


Their TOP 10 LIST of their bestselling milk teas and drinks…


What’s your favorite drink at Serenitea?

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