Lito’s Grill

Lito’s Grill is a simple and clean Filipino restaurant specializing in barbecue, other grilled food and seafood.

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They opened towards the end of 2014. It is one of the not so new restos that we heard of only recently when a college friend of mine suggested it as a place to have dinner for a reunion with some college friends. We are not that familiar anymore with the newer restos in that area that opened in the past two years unless we come across them in social media posts. Overall, I am glad I get to dine there for their food was good. Hope they keep it up and hope to go back there one day soon for dinner with my boys this time.

Here are the dishes we tried at Lito’s Grill…

Since the resto is said to be known for their barbecue, what is a visit to this resto without trying their barbecue? My friends and I opted for their chicken barbecue instead of pork. These tasted really good as they were juicy and delicious!

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When in Davao for a food trip in a resto serving seafood, tuna is a must try! I love how they grilled this tuna belly… it was juicy and delicious! No need to dip in a sauce…

Now, whenever there is tuna, we usually look for and order bagaybay…


There is always a first time for me with this dish called ubol-ubol.  According to Chef Gene Gonzalez who has dined at Lito’s Grill early last year, it is the tuna esophagus cartilage.

Now since we are at an age when we are trying to opt more for healthy eating and food, the law-uy is one perfect option for a healthy soup to share with friends and family.


While waiting for our other friends to arrive, we digged into this calamares.

They also have the lato salad topped with slices of onions and tomatoes.

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This is a salad made of seaweed that looks like small grapes which we call lato or sea grapes, while I read some call these “arorosep”, or caulerpa lentillifera.

Our friend from the US was craving for kinilaw.

Kinilaw at Lito's Grill photo by

This is how they serve their kinilaw before they mix it for you.

My fave among these dishes which we tried in this local resto would have to be their tuna belly and bagaybay, as well as their chicken barbecue.

Lito’s Grill is located in Tulip Drive at Ecoland Subdivision corner 4th-B Street. It is just walking distance from the back entrance of SM City Davao in Ecoland and near the new building of Home Crest Residences before you reach Dulce Vida Restaurant coming from corner Quimpo Boulevard.

I wish they would open a branch downtown near our place so we would be able have their tuna belly when I crave for something healthy and delicious. Then again there is a new delivery service in Davao that we can try to deliver. I’ll let you know if and when we get to try that one.

Visit Lito’s Grill Facebook page at and their Instagram account at

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