Krispy Kreme’s New OG Product Treats for Your Sweet Tooth

At Krispy Kreme, 2020 is the Year of the OG!


Visit their Davao branch at The Annex of SM City Davao in Quimpo Boulevard, Davao City to try those new OG treats this year!


For those who are lost in translation, OG means Original Glazed, that melt in your mouth world famous doughnut made popular by Krispy Kreme over the decades.

Enjoy Krispy Kreme’s new OG (Original Glazed) product treats for you to indulge in for your sweet tooth cravings this year 2020!


  • Original Bites
  • Original Kreme Chiller
  • Original Glazed doughnuts
  • Original with Choco Hazelnut doughnuts
  • Original Popcorn in choco glazed and OG flavor in partnership with Chef Tony’s


Got to sample all these treats (except for the Original Kreme Chiller) when we had a meet up with Ms. Princess of KK Mindanao earlier this month of January.

Original with Choco Hazelnut doughnuts is a treat for the Nutella and hazelnut spread lovers out there!




Original Glazed doughnut, lightly glazed with Choco Hazelnut and topped with chopped hazelnuts. Loved it!


Not too sweet for a treat and it is perfect for being that as a treat for me.


Then there’s the KK partnership with Chef Tony’s popcorn in choco glazed and original glazed flavors.


I liked the choco flavor more between the two flavors as I found myself just popping the popcorn in the tub and I seem not to stop until I see the bottom of the container. Oh my! Good thing it was the choco hazelnut and not the OG popcorn tub. 🙂


Then there’s the Original Glazed Bites…


The bite size version of KK’s Original Glazed doughnuts was what I enjoyed munching on as I looked down at the Christmas display in SM Davao Annex while cherishing the last few days left of the recent holiday season. Their bite size somehow reminds me of an old fave doughnut snack that many loved decades ago.


Also, this year 2020, Krispy Kreme celebrates the Year of the OGs or young individuals who celebrate originality in their own ways. Check out @KrispyKremePH on Instagram and Facebook to know more of what I am talking about. 

Now, what makes you an original? Let me know and comment below!


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