Delicious Tuna Pie from Jollibee

Delicious Tuna Pie from Jollibee | Davao Food Trips IMG_20150331_135050Delicious Tuna Pie from Jollibee best enjoyed eating this while it is still hot. It is creamy and savory.

It is back since it is the season of Lent. It is back for a limited time only. Those who love this tuna pie often wonder why it is only available usually during this season.

Jollibee Tuna Pie TrioIt is available for P40 a piece or P115 for the Tuna Pie Trio at Jollibee.

The delicious tuna filling can be really hot so be careful if you may bite into it immediately and you might burn your tongue. Yes I know the feeling that you’re so excited to eat it as soon as your favorite tuna pie is served at your table.

Enjoy Jollibee’s Tuna Pie!

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