Giving Journal 2017 and a Season Of Giving for CBTL Philippines

Season Of Giving

The Christmas holiday season of giving is officially here in our city with the launch of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s 2017 Giving Journal in Davao City last November 12, 2016 in SM Lanang Premier.

2017 Giving Journal

The 2017 Giving Journal of CBTL hopes to inspire everyone to begin writing their Giving Journey and at the same time make a difference in a positive way in other people’s lives.   We are drawing closer to the last few weeks of a year of blessings and encountered challenges that we have overcome.

The journal is a graphic representation of how CBTL commits to giving back to the community.

The Cup That Changes LIVES : Giving Journal 2017 and a Season Of Giving with CBTL Philippines

Keep in mind that with each cup you buy and each Giving Journal you will redeem in this season of giving, you will help the dreams of  Real LIFE scholars to take flight.

As I would say, drink for a cause. - Giving Journal 2017 and a Season Of Giving for CBTL Philippines

For 2017, the journals are available in four colors, each with a specific icon – Rose (Radiating Heart) , Turquoise (The Coffee Tree Cup),  Purple (Overflows), and Gray (The Caring Cup Global). - Giving Journal 2017 and a Season Of Giving for CBTL Philippines

Personally, my first choice was the rose color with the radiating heart giving icon. - Giving Journal 2017 and a Season Of Giving for CBTL Philippines

A last minute decision and I ended up choosing on the spot the purple for the color (yes the foodie in me who actually loves ube and purple yam)  and of course I like it for the icon it has on the journal.

It actually reminded me too of the same color of my first ever Swirl Card that I got when CBTL opened its first ever branch in Davao City way back in November 11, 2011 at Abreeza Ayala Mall. I lost that fave card when my LC bag was stolen in SM Lanang a few years ago. Yes we became generous in giving to whoever took the bag and all the important stuff that I have there. Hope it was able to help you in a good way.  Now I still have the second Swirl Card I got to replace the stolen one and this time with the classic design of CBTL that I love. When you lose something, something better comes into your life.

“I choose a life that overflows.”

  OVERFLOWS – The Giving Journal icon of my chosen color purple. - Giving Journal 2017 and a Season Of Giving for CBTL Philippines

Rather than viewing life as a glass half-full or half-empty, acknowledge it as a life that is ready to overflow.  Brew your best year by developing one’s self, striving to reach your full potential, and sharing your unique gifts and blessings with others. - Giving Journal 2017 and a Season Of Giving for CBTL Philippines

On the other hand, my hubby chose the color turquoise. - Giving Journal 2017 and a Season Of Giving for CBTL Philippines

It has the giving icon of the COFFEE TREE CUP.

This signifies The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s hopeful mission that through our efforts and those of our partner organizations, we help to nurture growth and provide a better life for others, one cup at a time. - Giving Journal 2017 and a Season Of Giving for CBTL Philippines

With the blessings we receive in this season of giving, remember that we may share these blessings by pouring into the cups of others particularly into the cups of those in need.

Giving Icons - Giving Journal 2017 and a Season Of Giving for CBTL Philippines

Watch this short video and know what each of the four Giving Icons represent at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Inside Pages of the 2017 Giving Journal

Each page of the Giving Journal reminds us to live a life of service not only to our family but for others as well in our community. Take a peek below…

Each month of the year in the 2017 Giving Journal begins with a sketch that symbolizes the various commitments of CBTL. They inspire each individual to be part of the Giving Journey by highlighting the advocacies of their partner organizations, how we can take action and get involved through its pages.

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Real Life Foundation

This Christmas season, each cup that you purchase and enjoy as well as each Giving Journal you redeem will help make dreams of Real LIFE scholars to take flight. CBTL encourages each of us to make dreams of having a bright future and the education these more than 1,000 scholars have always dreamed about to take flight in this #SeasonOfGiving with the Giving Journal.

The Real LIFE Foundation which is an NGO dedicated in serving the poor through educational assistance, character development, and community service, is the annual beneficiary of CBTL’s  Giving Journal. Since the year 2007, this particular foundation has produced 341 graduates from the different parts of the Philippines.

Watch CBTL’s video below showing four of their REAL LIFE – CBTL scholars before whose lives have been changed and who are fulfilling their dreams.

Start your Giving Journey now with CBTL’s 2017 Giving Journal.

Giving Journal 2017 Mechanics

Watch the video for the very easy mechanics…

Have your own 2017 Giving Journal and take part in the Giving Journey by collecting ONLY 12 stamps for The 2017 Giving Journal in all The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stores. It has started last October 22, 2016 and then it started last November 5 in the provincial stores outside Luzon.

So what are you waiting for? Be part of this meaningful giving journey for others now! Visit the nearest or your favorite CBTL branch.

Giving Journal 2017 | Season Of Giving | CBTL PHCredits: Poster from CBTL PH and videos shared in this post from CBTL PH Youtube channel.

Have a wonderful and blessing-filled Season of Giving!

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