Cafe France Opens a New Branch in Davao City at Hai Global in Pryce Business Park

Cafe France Opens a New Branch in Davao City at Hai Global in Pryce Business Park last October 2, 2013.

It is located in front of Landco Corporate Center building. Near Maybank and beside Forno and Sushi Dito (both still to open).

They had an opening treat promo on all breads of buy one at regular price and get one for only P1.

These were among the bread they had on promo that opening day when we dropped by while my son was in school.

Hubby wanted to buy one each of these Hawaiian and Vegetarian pizza the next time our little boy dines with us there.

I saw someone familiar from CBTL SMLA before. We met Leony (the one at the back and I hope I remembered his name right) a few days before this and it’s nice to see him here in a different kind of work.

We decided to try their Madeleine. It’s P99 each pack.

I paid P100 for these two packs for the little boy.

The little boy liked the chocolate more while I liked the one on top. It would have been better if we had chocolate dip at home.

We were surprised when we were given a bottle of wine from Cafe France by a woman from their management we assume when the supervisor who we have met a few times at their branch at The Peak in Gaisano Mall told her that we were regular customers there before. Thank you Cafe France!

We decided to stay a little while longer and check up their mezzanine area.

Here it is and I find this a good place to hang out and study or spend time to read perhaps especially when it is quiet and when there are no people around.

When you look outside, you get to view BDO and the street outside. I like the view (though it could have been better) especially during mornings when you dine here in peace and quiet sipping a hot cup of coffee before starting your day at work. Why didn’t we have this way back then when I still used to work for a company that has an office at Landco? *wink*

When you look down you will see this on the left side…

…and this to the right side.

When we were still downstairs waiting for our turn to pay at the counter, I was looking at this.

We saw people working from nearby offices at Pryce Tower and also from Landco who were coming in to buy bread as part of their opening promo treat.

Before we left to go back to school, I saw their Christmas in September offer which made me think that someone asked me where to find ski storage among stores online since winter is coming soon in my friends place.

Anyway, Cafe France have this Christmas Tray Couture for P375. It’s already October though. *wink* They’ll probably extend this as the Christmas season nears.

I hope to be back here at this new branch soon with my two boys. It’s quiet accessible actually to where we are.

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