Usher in Good Luck This Holiday Season with Prosperity Pancit

For Filipinos, Christmas and New Year’s handaan do not only mean celebrations but are symbolic offerings to attract good fortune. Round fruits are served to bring abundance, while rice cakes represent close relationships among the family and ensure that luck sticks to all members.

Abundance and good fortune await Pinoy food lovers with Prosperity Pancit, a Sooo Pinoy dish that delights the taste buds and attracts holiday blessings.

The real star of holiday banquets, however, is pancit. Merging Chinese traditional cooking with Filipino flavors, it is believed to attract wealth, health, and long life. Since it was introduced by Chinese traders during the Spanish colonial era, pancit has become a staple on every Filipino family’s dining table, especially for special occasions. Generations of Pinoys have truly made this dish their own and have cooked up as many variations as there are towns and provinces in the country.

This holiday season, good luck is on every food lover’s side as Unilever Food Solutions has cooked up something delicious—the Prosperity Pancit, boasting a variety of ingredients that attract fortune. This scrumptious Sooo Pinoy dish is loaded with egg noodles for a long and happy life, eggs for rebirth and fertility, and a medley of vegetables for close relationships.

Indicating affluence, Prosperity Pancit is also laden with cashew and mouthwatering, fork-tender pork leg braised lavishly in humba sauce. The symphony of flavors and textures are completed by succulent shrimps, Chinese sausage, shiitake mushrooms and snow peas, topped with toasted peanuts, fried garlic and spring onions.

Prosperity Pancit is loaded with the goodness of noodles for long life, eggs for new beginnings, and peanuts for health and wealth, among other lucky ingredients.

Best of all, this special holiday treat is widely available in a variety of restaurants nationwide, so foodies with a taste for good luck can indulge in this tasty dish as often as they wish.

Food lovers can rejoice this holiday season as Prosperity Pancit, the lucky Sooo Pinoy dish by Unilever Food Solutions, is now available at their favorite restaurants, including Chippens, Golden Brown, Zacky Fried Chicken and Barcode Paseo.

Get lucky and enjoy good fortune—the delicious way—with Prosperity Pancit, now available at your favorite Sooo Pinoy restaurants such as Chippens, Golden Brown, Zacky Fried Chicken and Barcode Paseo. This Sooo Pinoy dish is available for a limited time only, so grab a bite now.

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