Ligo Sardines: Odong Na Lami

Inspired by the cooking of Tom Rodriguez, the singer and Kapuso actor who made the Ligo Sardines ad trending on social media a few months ago, we have been cooking our own version of the dish to get a taste of Ligo Sardine’s Odong na Lami.

Ligo Sardines Odong

This was of “Odong na lami” version of Chef Pauline of Rekado, a Filipino fusion cuisine restaurant in Davao City.


A very simple and easy to cook dish. Simple yet delicious which many Filipino families like us love to cook and share for lunch or dinner with their loved ones for many years now.


This is one of the odong na lami dish that my boys and I loved to enjoy when dining at home.

I do recall my mommy would cook this at the home I grew up at quite often when my siblings and I were much younger. My mom, a housewife, would often cook this easy to cook and an affordable dish at that. She would sometimes use misua noodles instead of odong. But the odong has been a very familiar Pinoy kind of flour noodles. For moms who are on a budget, this very affordable soup dish comes as a quick and easy to prepare dish  for the whole Filipino family to share with. Cooking this at home with my boys makes me miss home and my mom’s cooking too!

Odong is a popular soup prepared by Filipino families not only by ordinary families but I have heard of friends from well-off families who also cook and eat this popular Pinoy dish.


Odong + Ligo Sardines in tomato sauce chili added

We’ve been using Ligo Sardines of course, thanks to Tom Rodriguez trending ad.


Instead of the regular Ligo Sardines in tomato sauce with the green label, we love using the red labeled can of Ligo Sardines in tomato sauce chili added.


You can easily find stock of Ligo Sardines in local supermarkets and even in small groceries, convenience stores and even in sari-sari stores near your homes.


These were at the Park N’ Shop in Victoria Plaza Mall where we often have our grocery too. It’s conveniently near our place too. But I make sure now I buy a few more pieces so I have a ready stock at home especially when I crave for sardines.


One time recently as we were doing our usual grocery errand in a mall’s supermarket, I watched many people, usually couples older than us choosing odong or misua sometimes from the shelves.  I would then see them having a few cans of sardines most often Ligo Sardines brand especially since Tom’s tv ad became really popular.


IMG_20181017_193640Perhaps even before the ad, I have talked to some random women at the grocery, and learned that those I have chanced upon, their families have long been using the Ligo brand of sardines.

As I have said in my previous post, Loving Ligo Sardines with My Boys: Kaon Ta’g Ligo, Davao!

Share the love and if you love Ligo Sardines too and the odong na lami, let us know. Tag us in your social media posts as well!

Kaon na ta ug odong na lami, gigutom na pud ko!


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