Snack Treat For My Lil Guy

Here is a snack treat for my little guy I brought with me for two consecutive days when I fetched him at school after their afternoon classes. 20140916_153733This used to be what people here in the city used to call as “homecoming gift” when translated to English. Even if many treats have replaced and had become more popular than this, it still brings a big smile on his face especially after a tiring day at school.

It is like good news for him whenever he sees me and I say he has a treat. That smile he gave when I said I have found some affordable guitars and we may just have something to show his dad to consider as a Christmas gift for my little guy. Before we went back to school to fetch my little guy a few days ago, I went to pass by the music section of the department store in a nearby mall and checked out if they have small sized guitars that he would be comfortable to have. After that we went down to the store and bought him his afternoon snack treat as we headed to school to fetch him.

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